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  1. Ramadan Kareem to all my Muslim Brother & Sister 1. YES 2. Well Fasting was prescribe for Muslims during the lunar/Islamic month of Ramadan as it was prescribed for nations before, order that they may get taqwa(God-consciousness, reverence, fear), sometimes translated as righteousness. During Ramadan, Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, would review the entire Qur'an with the Angel Gabriel. Muslims - so long as able/healthy - stay away from food and water for the sake of God, and intimacy during the daylight hours and can partake in those once the sun is down. We leave what we enjoy and even generally need for God, which has physical, spiritual and moral significance. Restraining from things that are normally allowed (food, water, intimacy with the spouse), heightens the awareness to stay away from other vices a person might have - for example, looking at, listening to, or partaking in things that are not good or not beneficial. For example, if a person gossips - which they shouldn't any time of the year - and they leave food and drink, well those are generally allowed and the person is staying away from those, perhaps stay away from something that is not generally allowed such as gossip. We focus on the recitation of Qur'an - though it should be throughout the entire year. There are times when people get tired of course, but there are also times where the focus and ability to concentrate are quite heightened - for example, some Muslim athletes actually perform better during Ramadan. (Hakeem Olajuwan for example). One analogy I have heard is that in general Muslims stay away from some things during this life, and in the next life, we break our fast for the patience and self-control exhibited in this life. Ultimately, Muslims hope to attain the pleasure and forgiveness from God and being saved from the alternative, as Muslims believe in both Heaven and Hell. In any case, the Qur'an mentions that to fast is better for you if you only knew, so there is perhaps things we can't even articulate nor quite understand fully. Muslims love the month, because they understand this is a great opportunity to benefit both spiritually and physically.
  2. EidMubarak to all Muslim and non muslim i want that VIP
  3. i would love to learn this, please let me..
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