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  1. It won't work. This version is out of date by more than 2 months.
  2. Name of the game you want hacked: Dominations Version of the game: 6.1 iTunes Link for the app: Jailbroken or Non-Jailbroken: any will do :-). Requested Features:
  3. There are a lot of bugs within domination with which you can do a lot of resource manipulation ( no hack is needed for this) but i have seen ppl getting banned from top alliances for this reason and their base being downsized. There should be some bug to help with university also as it takes more than a year to complete university along with other upgrades being pushed by domination.
  4. @DiDA @shmooI hope you get it soon . All the best ( waiting for it to be updated to latest version). It was the best dominations hack i ever had
  5. Unfortunately it is not working for me. :-( Just a question , If the hack works without authentication, what is the use of having authentication in place? ( no disrespect intended).
  6. It takes quite long time for authentication page to load up, at times game loads up before authentication is complete. Authentication page doesn’t show up on closing and opening application. I have used other versions of the hack and never had this issue. Please help
  7. @DiDA Please add alternate authentication method on the hack. i am not able get past authentication :-( waiting to hear from you.s
  8. @DiDAThank you .. You are great
  9. @DiDA Waiting patiently for you to add more features like instant university upgrade. also please provide alternate authentication method, the current one is painfully slow and i haven't been able to use the hack because , i haven't managed to sign in, before the game loads up.
  10. @shmoo Please update the hack to latest version. It is not working for the latest one.. Thanks in advance.
  11. @DiDA could you please help. It takes a lot of time for activation to show up and by that time game loads up. the activation page doesn't show up after close/open application. Please add some alternate method for activation.
  12. Nexon are too Quick to Ban... Got banned after 10 mins of use. Anyway it was a fresh village so no loss at all
  13. Thanks a Ton @DiDA Installed the hack successfully, it takes a bit of time to load the page where i need to sign in using IOS account details, and while i am providing the details, the page disappears and game loads up and crashes. Not sure if anyone else is having same problem . Could you please check @DiDA ? Thanks in advance
  14. no it doesn't works with the new version. i have already tried it but no luck . Waiting for new version
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