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  1. Currently i have No idea how to i mean i have never personally done it myself maybe look for a Function using Strings
  2. game is either server sided or you will need to Disable the memory Check
  3. Please update tank hero

  4. Wont be Updating this Untill the new live Patcher Version is out So i gotta wait on @Rook
  5. yes true but ESP/aimbots require Coding and if you have no idea on about hacking sub_x games (Non unity games) then its gonna be nearly impossible for someone new to do aimbots
  6. Its okay i just got like 3 or 4 Achievements to get and would be Less stressful on yourself if you give Zahir and laxus and danyal perms But you know im down to help with giving achievements i got alot if time on my hands @Rook
  7. i got a suggestion Since you're always busy @Rook which is understandable Could you Give Perms for Danyal laxus and Zahir to give Rewards/achievements to players Still waiting on mine since around April may
  8. You're Rushing things Learn C# and C++ keep doing unity games and after Unity do Sub_x games non unity games learn that get better with IDA and then you are ready for ESp coding hacks
  9. Whats everyone's Best Tenno in game on warframe mine is this
  10. Requires Coding Experience like c# or c++
  11. Please update airport city hacks 🙏🙏🙏😘

    1. Noctisx


      im on a break right now But ill do it when im back. got personal Things to take care of 

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