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  1. Hey so this doesn’t work when I try and sign in. It says that I’m being rate limited when i sign in. It’s only for your mod too; so that’s weird.
  2. Hey @Joka! Your links broken? It’s giving me a 404 error whenever I try and download this? Can ya fix it please?
  3. Sweet Jesus please make it non vip for once I beg you DiDA.
  4. @Joka My man is it possible to update this for 1.9? Man I’ll worhip you if you consider it!
  5. Oh no this was the April 18th PTR, But no one ever seems to talk about how bad they tried to "Nerf" JunkRat, so i felt like i should start the conversation. BTW, Here's a link to the PTR: https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/overwatch/t/overwatch-ptr-patch-notes-april-18-2018/72390
  6. So im pretty sure you all heard, but Blizzard tried to "Nerf" JunkRat, and i don't really think it helped that much. JUNKRAT His Projectiles were Small enough to begin with, so JunkRat Spammers Never DID worry about aiming to begin with, and the RIP-Tire still moves Plenty fast and, Kills wise, has roughly the same rate of "success" as before. I'd like to hear your opinions on this, What could they change to Improve Gameplay for/against JunkRat, but stunt Spamming, etc
  7. I found out about the game when the trailer came out on YouTube, and me and my brother sat there and giggled like Idiots for an hour before pre-ordering it on PC. Unfortunately when it came out my laptop was broken so only my bro was able to play, after like a year was i able to actually play more than 60 seconds.
  8. Yo Shmoo, i cant send you mssges so here, someones leeching your content here... f**king Leechers its your .deb and whatnot and for SOME REASON you dont take Pm's... so heres the next best place...
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