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  1. Thanks for ur sharing. we can thank the « small apple » too. Approx 10 years I m using jailbroken devices (3s 4 5c & now SE) and il’s the first time Apple offers us the rootkey during one week! An opened iOs ! COOL I hope very many persons were installed Uncover or Chimera ‘cause the next apple’s present risk to become in very very very long time ;))
  2. Thanks, I ll try it cause I tried many time mission "the pursuit" and I never won it… Certainly I m too bad ? Hack is my last luck … Edit: THANKS TWICE ! "The Pursuit" is done ??
  3. Hey, I get same JB (pangu) and I read somewhere IGG doesnt work on semi Jailbroken iOs… I would like use it too, but Im waiting for… So, if someone knows the answer , he is wellcome ?? thks a lot
  4. Thks I read somewhere this vpn accept P2P… And it is in 5 best vpn (for P2P) for ios… With Freedome P2P works only with finland server but slowly. It's the unique reproach , for privacy and security Freedome does the job… But I need runnîng iTransmission … Thks again bro
  5. Thx I ll try it my vpn oneclick hack is over … So after install it works fine. But like lots of vpn, trackers of iTransmission aren't recognized… Whereas yes with freedome hacked…
  6. This topic is a very good idea. This sort of lists avoids to try unnecessary. Thanks for idea, thks for update, thks for all
  7. In settings of app iTransmission, when I check the port listening, a pop up appears "bad port change it" but I don't know what number is ok. I know if I use wifi I can find it in router but I use 4g (LTE) data . And perhaps this port depends vpn used? Cause with vpnoneclick iTransmission works but slowly and with vpnmaster iTransmission can't download and it doesn't find seeders… I hope to be explicit enough. Thanks
  8. Hello, I m not sure iosgods ´s repo exists. I ve never read something about it . But I m not user since long time… And I dont understand very well all sentences, words (french)
  9. Hey iosgods users I need your knowledge, the reason is a problem about port listening on my iPhone SE Jailbroken 9.3.3 So I use iTransmission for torrent DL. In settings of this app, the port listening is bad when I check it. My question: I don't use wifi , always on 4g (in France we are lucky, lots of contracts get no limit for transfer data). So how to know the list of port listening opened ? If a command line is necessary, I get MTerminal … I need to change port listening in settings but I don't wanna do a bad number. When I use vpn oneclick (hacked) iTransmission works , slowly but works. With vpn master (hacked too) iTransmission doesn't work. I hope tell you all infos needed. All your ideas are wellcom. If you need other info, don't hesitate to ask me … I ll try to be more explicit. Thanks a lot for your listening Long live iosgods ! EDIT: I d seen somewhere to know various infos of ports by terminal, the command is "netstat". Terminal emulater of iPhone needs for do it one tweak : Network commands on Cydia/telesphoreo repo… But instead I see varius numbers of port listening, when I try them in iTransmission, same error. I m waiting for some help… Thanks
  10. J'ai trouvé et au même moment une reponse m'a été donnée. Au cas où vous vous trouviez dans mon cas, il suffit une fois connecté, d'appuyer sur le bouton "PS" de la manette. Un pop up s'ouvre sur l'iPhone qui propose de se deconnecté. Mais en petit, il est aussi écrit le pourcentage de la batterie interne de la manette. trop simple ! Non ? merci à tous
  11. Thanks a lot !!! You re the best So it's very cause I m was playing and this time I ve changed settings in the tweak Controller For All. I switched off "automatic" So I wanna stop game for a short moment. In "manual' mode we must disconnect with home button of controller ("PS" wrote on) and this time I read entirely the pop-up! And yes percentage is writen ! Happy to see that, I decide to explain that here and edit title of this topic "solved"… And I find your answer ! too fun! I like all these little things… So thank you (Excuse me, for my english… I hope you understand what I mean)
  12. At this time nobody give me how to do… I m searching and asking in other forums too. As soon as I got solution, I ll do it, don't worry
  13. @Baker Ya Maker In first way, you mean the home button of iPhone or Dualshock ? iPhon's button sends on homescreen, so automaticly when you exit game , the gamepad connection stops and I don't use usual Bluetooth, I explain it in second answer ( to thearmprincess)… One important thing : a charger doesn't work with these gamepad. It needs data and power… And of course Sony has created a too simple method : when data is plugged, we lose pairing beetwen iPhone and Dualshock @TheArmPrincess Dualshok isn't mfi, and doesn't use Bluetooth like other devices. In settings Bluetooth is disabled. It's the reason why I ask that… So last very important thing : LOTS OF THANK TO YOU BOTH
  14. Hey iosgods users I use A Dualshock 3 with my iPhone SE (Jailbroken 9.3.3). For that , the tweak "Controller For All" is perfect. But I don't get a PS3 nor Computer at home. (For pairing , I do it with my iMac where I work) . I would know how to see Battery level of thé dualshock 3 (sixaxis)? Someone can help me ? Thanks for all.
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