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  1. Anyone else having game crash after opening the mod menu? It worked for a while then I unlocked coop and didn’t use it during coop but when I went to solo and opened the menu it crashed the game. I’m using liberty lite. I’m on 12.1.1 b3 any suggestions @Archangel04
  2. I'll check it out, thanks for all your assistance throughout this process Sailesh
  3. I tried but it messed up the jailbreak again due to whatever repo's and memory from the original electra jailbreak i had. So I have backed up my contacts and messages and factory restored to the 12.1.1b3 and now the jailbreak works. I'll have to find a 3rd party software to get my photos from the backup. Do you have any suggestions?
  4. Okay, thank you. Can I restore a backup that was from 11.4.1 to this now jailed 12.1.1b3 without issue? ps everything worked perfectly and I jailed through uncover without issue. Thank you all for the support
  5. Thanks everyone, I'm doing this now. Will update on progress. Another question though, do I need this beta profile I keep reading about? @MeSailesh7 @DiDA
  6. I didn't try Thor @MeSailesh7 @itatchi75, I'll google how to do it in Th0r, thank you for that information both of you update: looks like i have to be 11.4 beta but i'm on 11.4.1. I downloaded 12.1.1 b3 but do I have to upgrade up to 12.1.4 first before downgrading? My itunes isn't letting me just update to 12.1.1b3 from my 11.4.1
  7. I didn't use unCover, but is it okay to use it now? regardless if I used Electra first? I will try this and update if you think it's okay to do so. Thanks for the response DiDA Update: I continue to get a Error (Fatal), where it "Failed to extract bootstrap", I've googled this to find that it's primarily a problem with an older version of Unc0ver or to insure airplane mode is on/passcode/fingerprint lock is off; I turned all that off and updated to the latest the iOSGods app has and still get that problem. Would posting the diagnostic.plist be helpful? Update2: Some people have suggested using v2.2.1 to jailbreak and upgrading some necessary files for uncover via Cydia (if it jailbreaks) then upgrading to the latest release and rejailbreak. I'll try sideloading 2.2.1 and go from there Update3: Version 3.0 seems to be the only one for 11.4.1 and others are having this issue and it's probably due o using Electra first. Will probably have to wait unless upgrading to 12.1.4 then downgrading to 12.1.1 beta 3 is still an option. What are your thoughts? PS sorry I posted in the wrong section, will be more mindful next time DiDA
  8. Hello, I jailbroke my 11.4.1 after upgrading accidentally (months ago) from 10.3.1 and now jailbroke again. Cydia works but there is that critical error saying GUI and substrate did not install correctly. Then it suggested to forcibly remove or ignore. I had clicked through the forcibly remove and now cydia doesn't load anything. Is there any salvation from this? Or do I still have the opportunity to upgrade to 12.1.1 Beta 3 and jailbreak? In order to do that would i need to upgrade to 12.1.4 then downgrade to the beta 3?
  9. Joining what i think is this clubs league
  10. @Alex9951 what have you been using on raid to avoid detection?
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