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  1. How does the hidden code look? Is it a comment? Is it a fake account description bio?
  2. Can't see no reload cooldown, also don't know what f**k the road is, but it's not there too
  3. You must copy it and paste in New tab I want to report a broken feature. Add 1 tournament win indeed adds it but also breaks tournament for whole month maybe forever and you can't claim rewards
  4. I do but it's set to black-list not white-list
  5. You don't understand it. It WORKS only with jailbreak, DOESN'T WORK without jailbreak. It's swapped than usually. No, no error message. Just Timed Out or infinite loading.
  6. Hello guys, I have this problem. I am on iOS 10.1.1 using Yalu jailbreak, everything is OK but sometimes I want to watch TV on phone (Horizon Go) and it doesn't work when jailbreak is on (even with all these tweaks that should hide it, it just doesn't work). Then I want to go play hearthstone but it won't load when my phone is not jailbroken. I don't know why, but none of Blizzard apps (Blizzard Battle.net, WoW Armory, Legion Companion) won't communicate with the server until I jailbreak my phone. That's frustrating when my jailbreak expires and I'm away from computer for many days, I just can't use any of these apps. Please help how to fix it? Note: I have no tweak for blizzard apps. None of them will communicate until I use Yalu to JB my phone.
  7. I personally look for games like that long-term and don't know any.
  8. Riding dinosaurs is nothing than a promise, too. So far we only get the Royale bonus and hunting big dinosaurs for statuettes. I was hoping this other game won't get screwed up by releasing it unfinished. I enjoy playing it too but since there are no vaults or such things, it's really not a long-term game.
  9. Yalu Dark since my first JB on this device. Never had a problem except random reboots once a week or two weeks.
  10. So I downloaded the new game, and it feels like 90% Last Day just different textures? It's funny when even some materials are the same unchanged. I checked iTunes developer and seen they're different. Is that a theft or both games are by one studio? Also I started playing the jurassic one because Last Day stays on like 3 minutes until it crashes with the cheats from here. It was pretty fun tho, but every new update on hack makes it more unstable and unplayable at least on iOS 10.1.1 iPhone 6.
  11. So I click with 3 fingers but no menu opens and I'm using 10.1.1 and I can get it open in ALL other games
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