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  1. Help/Support Cheat engine

    when you pull up a four byte value in the disassembler it gives you different code then when you pull it up as a double value how do I change the code of a double value that will work with the auto assembler movq [ecx+000000B0],xmm0 which looks like ^^ define(address,077F7AC9) define(bytes,66 0F D6 81 B0 00 00 00) [ENABLE] assert(address,bytes) alloc(newmem,$1000) label(code) label(return) newmem: code: movq [ecx+000000B0],xmm0 jmp return address: jmp newmem nop nop nop return: [DISABLE]
  2. Help/Support Search engine help

    When I'm searching google or bing for hacks and tutorials, I always get a bunch of rubbish and fake videos is there another search engine or dark web? where I can find things without limitation or videos that have been removed, everything I search for via cheat engine I already know and wpe pro usually the things I find that I want to watch have been removed for violation all help is appreciated
  3. Go into messages like your going to send one to someone type what you want don't just hit send hold it down till a screen appears and wala check out the cool things you can do and send people Make sure your phone is upright
  4. Tool Charles Proxy v3.9.3 + License!

  5. Tool Jailbreak for iPhone 6 10.2

    That's funny if you go into the first folder of the download there is a compiled IPA that will jailbreak your device I just used it
  6. Tool Jailbreak for iPhone 6 10.2

    Currently the IPA in that post will not jailbreak iPhone 6 the one I linked is modified to work with 6
  7. Tool Jailbreak for iPhone 6 10.2

  8. Help/Support Help signing modded apk

    Lol the name of the apk can not have spaces thank you helped out
  9. Help/Support Help signing modded apk

    Did that still getting error
  10. So I hacked the game I wanted but every time I try to sign the apk using apk multi tool it tells me I need to set the path to Java in my system environment so I did that, is that step needed how do I sign my apk that i moded So how do i set up apk multi tool or is there a better option to unzip zip and sign apks
  11. Request HUUUGE casino

    The other post was about trying to increase packet numbers while repeating packets and nobody answered my question not about hacking huuuge casino
  12. Request HUUUGE casino

    Really dude nobody told me anything this is the first and only post I have made about this.
  13. Request HUUUGE casino

    Add the app image here! Name of app you want hacked: HUUUGE casino non jail token latest iTunes URL for the app: Coins increase instead of decrease, free store I understand most everything is server but I'm sure there is a loophole somewhere non jailbroken Thank you!
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