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  1. Don’t use it to do anything that is obviously impossible and others can see. For example squad arena or fleet arena. GAC. Raids. Territory wars. Territory battles. That’s all I can say. Use it to give yourself a slight advantage, or save time. For example, I spend a lot of time doing an actual HSTR run without any cheats. Then in the future I just simplify it by using cheats to do that same amount of damage. Just be smart.
  2. I rolled back the game this morning but now it’s forcing me to update too. New patch would be greatly appreciated. Thanks @Laxus
  3. Thanks for the quick update, @Laxus ! When I loaded the game it said it was unable to update the “always your turn” feature and to check the forum for details but I don’t see anything here. Anything you can share regarding that? I did use that feature quite often. Thanks.
  4. Hey @Rook Found a bug. So for example If you bring up the speed hack menu, and tap the speed 1.0x, a popup shows up and a keyboard comes up and you can manually enter in the speed you want (for example 2.5). That all works fine. But after you use the keyboard to enter that in, you can no longer pull up your keyboard in the actual app. Just nothing shows up. Probably because it’s still open/bound to the tweak itself. quick recap: - open a game. Enter chat. Type away on the keyboard works. - open the speed hack, manually enter in a speed using the iOS keyboard And that works - back to your game, enter chat, and no keyboard comes up to type anymore - open speed hack tweak and keyboard still works there. so as soon as the keyboard is used in the tweak, you can no longer use it in the app. You have to fully close and reopen the app. thanks.
  5. Sorry to bother you @Laxus but it seems like CG are on a very fast update schedule for this game now. My client was updated today and the hack causes a crash during battle.
  6. Likely related to odyssey jailbreak since it uses libhooker.
  7. Anyone get this working on an iPhone 11 (pro/max/normal) with iOS 13.5 and Odyssey jailbreak? I don’t see any overlay in games. And when I close and reopen the iGameGod app, the apps I’d previously selected are no longer selected. Is there supposed to be a way to “save” or “enable” the apps we want iGameGod activated for?
  8. Yes sir. Removed old cheat. Did respring. Installed new one. Other stuff like one hit kill works. But the sliders aren’t doing anything.
  9. Didn’t even realize there was a client update until the game started insta-crashing at the start of battle.
  10. Your damage sliders are working perfectly! I’m taking about the One Hit Kill toggle. Right now it kills the enemy when they’re hit by doing like 999,999,999 damage to their health bar to instant kill them. Normally we wouldn’t notice anything because it’s properly killing the enemy in 1 hit. But the problem I noticed is with the cheat detection system they created, it now records how much health and protection someone has at the end of a galactic championship battle. So for example, you use one hit kill on someone with 20k protection and 40k health. That person died as they should. But with the new SWGoH system, it’ll record that they died, but that they died with 0 health, but still 100% protection! Because one hit kill just kills them by killing their health bar. Does that explain it a bit better? Obviously I’m not using One hit kill atm, but I would hate for someone to get banned for a simple thing like this.
  11. Hey @Laxus I noticed a feature of the mod that can give away the fact that a hack was used. A while ago, SWGoH started recording battle duration, characters used, as well as their health and protection percentages at the end of battle. This is recorded for galactic championship fights and is viewable by all. It was specifically designed to help catch hackers. And I just noticed that when using the One Hit Kill feature, it does a lot of damage to health and kills the enemy. BUT...it doesn’t do damage to protection. So the characters will die, but it will be recorded that they died with 0 health and full protection. Is there a way to make One Hit Kill also damage the protection bar? It’s also possible that SWGoH records this data for all other battles to investigate hacking reports. So it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  12. Hey. Thanks! I didn’t realize you meant for me to try downloading the new deb file. I thought you meant I’m going to need to wait for a new deb file with the fixes. Haha. I just tried it and it’s working beautifully! Thank you!
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