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  1. Do you, like me, sometimes drop items to help people "less fortunate" in the game when attacking their base ? I also often pus interesting stuff in my broken car for attackers since my base is quite well protected and let's say it, it's really frustrating to fall on such a base. ☺️
  2. 1.11 is out there with some Christmas stuff in it ! A new hack would make us really happy 😃
  3. Yep that’s a frustrating situation ! 😉 A base I attacked has now about 20 generators on his floor ! I would love to see his/her reaction ! The hack for the jailed devices has the option to disable that, but the non-jailed has not... for now. Maybe it will in a future update.
  4. The police one works fine, just to let you know. So what you say is that now that you have 3 spaces free in front of the garage the problem is solved ?
  5. You’re to the only one. To stop it, I put one on my chopper.
  6. @DiDA everything seems to be working fine. Updating the police motorcycle to level 3 makes it unridable. I don’t know if that applies to other motorcycles. EDIT : It works fine
  7. Hi there, Just a word to let you know that the new version is out : 1.9 I hope you can come with a hack for this new version. Meanwhile, and if i may ask, could it be possible to look for Bropoints, Crystals, Skins, Cards for planes/brobots/Ace or Devices hack ? Thanks a lot for you work. Your actual cheat works perfectly.
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