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  1. You sir saved me and my phone and the JB at this critical time when and where the server for windows is completely down. Damn Took me whole 7to8 hours to finally find this amazing solution. Cheers mate.
  2. Thnx but I already tried it didn't work. It won't even block any ads anywhere.
  3. I'm using admissile or minimal host to block ads but as obvious there is no options or configuration for any particular apps or site. Ads are blocked system wide. can anyone help if there is a way to disable Adblock for a specific app ? or any Adblocker which can do the task. thnx.
  4. Thnx bro for responding I'm aware I won't b unbanned until GL want to do so and I won't get any help regarding unban from anywhere but my concern is how am I suppose to know why am I banned? Regardless no sh!t done. GL don't let you know either no matter what and how you ask i only want to know why as I find here they ban players to FairPlay but are they fair to Ban without any reason ? And I really doubt what piece of sh!t these technical engineers are can't even let you know the simple reasons of their action so called banned !!!
  5. Tested on iOS 10.2 jailbroken iPhone 6 but only unlimited nitro does not work ... strange Am I only having this issue ?
  6. I was banned from asphalt 8 about 15 days ago. Putup time and effort of a year over 85% of the game. submitted the ticket number and a question on reason I'm banned but they are unable to provide any useful info. i waited for 14 days and I was unbanned. instantly I started playing and approximately after 19 hours I'm banned again. i responded with all the info of my device and my behaviour but they say they don't find any issue at their side and is my fault but I'm sure I have not done any suspicious activity. banned permanently. state of my device: iPhone 6s iOS ver 11.2.1 resetted to factory settings and only asphalt 8 game app ver 3.5.0 is installed also this is completely my spare phone. im wondering can anyone help me. i found here not that I used any tweak hack cheat or trick but gameloft piece of sh!t did.
  7. Yes there is obviously u musta punched dat customer care robot face when it opens a page read it thru get d ticket/submit nd u will b unbanned after 15 days which is ur temporary ban if first time ... second time ban is permanent. do not attempt any suspicious activity nd forget bout hack/cheat even the smallest activity as I did was rolling back my progress to save few credits. trust me keep dis sh!t game as clean as possible or for sure BAN is coming soon
  8. Well if people would simply agree nd understand it ...
  9. Does it work on v2.2.0 ? im trying but it won't work
  10. Well not sure if there is a fix that can be made but what I experienced is soon as I install this tweak every MP stops working ... kinda game server detects any user account has exploited the game thus protects the online users playing MP thou rest of the mods works flawlessly or is it because I'm using a tweak = free now I'll have to wait for another official update to roll out which will automatically erase any tweaks ... previously used or made allowing to play the MP without a doubt any idea !
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