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  1. I unfortunately am not jailbroken anymore so I don't know how to help you but if anything I'd just wait for the discount to end.
  2. If you mess around with it using similar tactics as described in the guide, such as editing buttons to give you currency by making them a negative value, that you can find a way to do so. I personally have not played the game in a while nor tried to hack it as I am not jailbroken right now because it slowed my phone down so I do not know for certain.
  3. When his rank says Angle ◷ instead of angel ?

    1. Lord Alucard

      Lord Alucard

      It's supposed to say angle

  4. Yep, says it at the top of the instructions but thanks for helping make sure everyone knows.
  5. I'll try it when I get my phone rejailbroken. is anyone else having this issue?
  6. You can get some pro features by using flex2 and searching "subscription" or similar and changing bool options to true. Doesn't unlock all features but some. Haven't quit figured it all out yet.
  7. To my knowledge the repo is no longer active, so I'm not sure how to download iGG now. I suggest making a help ticket on the matter.
  8. I recommended making a topic in the help forum with all of your questions so more experienced users can help you.
  9. Does it do this ingame or just in iGG? It shows up that way in iGG but not ingame. How many results do you get and what is your Nearby range?
  10. @Najku Is this iCloud activation or trying to sign into Apple ID for App Store?
  11. @kingseriy Says the "Network Extensions" feature is only available to users enrolled in Apple Developer Program. Please visit https://developer.apple.com/program to enroll. I enrolled the account I was using for Cydia Impactor and still receives error.
  12. We're not magicians. The best you can do is email them or some how make an appeal.
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