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  1. The save did work for us, but this save game cheat is not so much a conventional save game cheat. However, what you kindly did was share your account with pretty much everyone on here. So it's more like you provided us with a public username and password to an account. The integrity of the account will be based on everyone who sees uses this account now. Having said that...its still, very generous 😇
  2. Yeah that was me. BTW if you somehow found a way to get a currency cheat through a mistake they made, I applaud you.
  3. It does work, but this cheat is just for values in-match against bots. Everything like upgrades and currency is stored server-sided. This is just temporary so when you exit the app, its all gone and you'll have to do it again each time you open it up.
  4. Hi, can you please add a note saying this only works when you are at the beginning of the game. At the beginning of the game you are matched up against bots and its not server-sided so you can change a lot of things in game. After leveling up a couple levels (a couple of games) you will face real players in server-sided matches and none of this will work. Thanks anyways.
  5. Just updated the speed to 5x. FYI, you can use speed to win tournaments in lotto still right now. Again, watch out for bans.
  6. This works for the Blackjackist also since it is literally the same app but some UI changes.
  7. Hello Abdulazizskh 😀😄😁😆😅😂🤣🤡
  8. Being stuck at home all the time has given me perspective. You asked yourself: "What were the dreams of my future?" So I told my parents that I wanted to become an iOS cheater when I grow up. They laughed and said NO. I guess it didn't help that I am 32 y/o and living in their attic but still, dreams = failed.
  9. That blog talks about what I'm talking about mostly. You gamble with currency that isn't real and most of these games are played with chips unique to the app. Sure there are micro-transactions but its optional and you don't have to indulge in those micro-transactions to play casino games. But I agree with you that anyone playing with online casinos should be careful because these games might be a gateway to gambling problems even if it isn't with real money.
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