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  1. Mod Menu Hack Summoners War 3.7.5 +8 New Mods!

    Because I am careful Only to end battles quickly and I just go up to the level I would reach anyway, but less easily. I still win some defenses. I use this mod to save time, not to do things I would not be able to do with enough to time.
  2. Mod Menu Hack Summoners War 3.7.5 +8 New Mods!

    Confirm crash iOS 9.3.3 barely one minute play, arena
  3. Mod Menu Hack Summoners War 3.7.5 +8 New Mods!

    Hack is not working anymore for me (started today), even though version is still 3.7.2. Any suggestion?
  4. Mod Menu Hack Summoners War 3.7.5 +8 New Mods!

    Update please! Thanks
  5. ***image nice image here, as copy paste does not seems to work on my iPhone, sorry for that** Name of app you want hacked: Summmoners war Version of the app: 3.5.0 iTunes URL for the app: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/summoners-war/id852912420?mt=8 Requested features: usual ones non VIP Jailbroken or Non-Jailbroken: JB Thank you!
  6. Solved Summoners war 3.4.8

    Looks like non-vip version will not be released
  7. Solved Summoners war 3.4.8

    Anybody working on the non-vip version? Thanks
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