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  1. If it supports x32 or ios11 (electra jb), I would be willing to try. Another thing: could you please update the requirements of the hack? As they are it is not clear it is not working on 32 bit devices and ios 11. Thanks.
  2. iOS 9.3.5 iPhone 4s jb. Cydia substrate installed. Hack intalled via Filza ok. No autentication card shows and no menu (3 fingers tip or swipe). What could be wrong? Thank you!
  3. I have a iOS 11.0 iPad Air 2. I jailbroke it with Electra to find out it is not compatible with the hack. Is there any other option? LiberiOS?
  4. Tell us what it is about, we will take care of it while you take care of our hack ?
  5. Calm guys, yes indeed latest hack was for 3.7.9, but next one is supposed to have new features. So I can only thank archangel for the hard work and the frustration to deal with frequent updates. The only thing I can suggest is maybe to have an "essential" branch hack, something "quick" to release, so that we are not uncovered for too long. The other branch/version might be for more features but longer to release. But I am not sure this is realistic. Anyway I wait patiently as I know it is hard work to update the hack. Thank you.
  6. iOS 9.3.3. First turn kills the game. God mode working for all enemies despite monster count. With monster count=1 and only dmg mult, enemies still in god mode, like all my units. Remove dov muotiplier removes also this global god mode. Please fix
  7. Ios 9.3.3, iPhone 6. As soon as fight starts, game crashes. Tested various settings.
  8. My bad. I think I touched the wrong file in filzla to install hack. Reinstalled, everything seems ok now. Well, it still freezes the touch if opened in the main island, by stilo usable in fight or opening it on the arena team interface. Thanks!
  9. Another weird thing I confirm and also others noticed: even without bringing up the menu, with above mentioned settings, it seems they are applied to enemy monsters (except first turn).
  10. I just open the tweak (from arena team selection, as if I open the menu from the main island when I close it touch does not work anymore). I select god mode, damage 5x, 5 as monster counter, first turn and antiban (but it freezes also with other settings). As I said it works after reboot, but not always. Some times freezes at first attack, other just after camera zooms on monsters before fight starts.
  11. iOS 9.3.3, iPhone 6. Hack worked after first install, but after closing and opening the game, with hack active game freezes at the moment first attack is done. Only way to have it work again is to reboot the device, which is very annoying for a semithetered jailbreak
  12. I was mostly jocking But I was not aware of this two-step process. Things are more clear, thank you. would be awesom to have the update within some hours, I have a siege battle to lead ?
  13. Archagel04, you are very kind in doing this, and I thank you very much, but could you stop estimating time like Windows file transfer does? Just say "guys, working on that, maybe two hours, but more likely two days", or if you estimate two hours, just keep us updated if you realized it is not. Thank you again a lot, just improve time estimation
  14. I guess I am the only one having problems. But it is quite random. Some time it works, some times I have to close the app and reopen it.
  15. Still experiencing the problem. iOS 9.3.3 iPhone 6. After touching with 3 fingers I can interact with the menu, but when I close it, touch in not effective (I can get back and close the menu but nothing else). Any idea?
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