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  1. Not sure if anyone's mentioned yet, but the •1 Second to Travel using Energy (costs 2) doesn’t currently work.
  2. You need to use Cydia Impactor on a PC. There are videos on YT that show you step by step how to download IPAs directly to your phone.
  3. Just wanted to let you know that Unlimited Coins no longer works. Using coins to speed things up, refresh skills, or refill energy only takes away coins while the hack is active. They must have patched it recently since this wasn’t an issue last update.
  4. Awesome thanks for the hacks! I’m not sure that VIP is working though, so it will not allow me to collect VIP capsules.
  5. It’s says 404 not found. I’m kicking myself right now because I recently reset my root and lost all my tweaks. If link could be updated that would be fantastic. *hopeful*
  6. Bump. Interested in seeing any sort of hack for this game.
  7. For Christmas I’m hoping to get enough money to buy a cat harness. My little blue cat needs to be trained when I go hitchhiking in the summer, so he can be safe. 🐈
  8. Awesome! I look forward to using this. It’s honestly a really great surpise!
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