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  1. Congratz! It a great thing to see the community growing up.
  2. Keep chatbox and stay away from discord. It will be better if we have more control in chatbox. Mute/ban/etc... Discord? Nah.. Just stay away from it if you want to keep this forum alive. Yeah ALIVE. People will start the discussion, any discussion via discord which is not really good for this forum.
  3. Please read this.. or search your related issue here .. https://iosgods.com/forum/500-app-questions-support/ if you didn't get any solution then create new topic with more detail. Use your phone. Click the given link. Allow the configuration.
  4. You need to click the given link from your phone and allow the setting configuration. It almost same thing as install new profile. Check this one > https://iosgods.com/topic/85362-iosgods-jailed-app-frequently-asked-questions-answers/
  5. iOSGods Jailed App Store was created to provide Non-Jailbroken users the ease of use when it comes to downloading & installing Free, Hacked, Tweaked or Cracked Apps & Games. The apps are using the new Easy Install method which means you no longer need to use a Computer or the Cydia Impactor tool. You can simply download and install the (modified) apps straight from your iDevice. The Easy Install method has been developed and matured enough to make the app work flawlessly. Everything has been made much simpler and all in one app, the iOSGods App. Do I have to sideload the app again every 7 days?iOSGods App/Easy Install IPAs are signed with Enterprise Certificates, so you will not need to resign every 7 days. The apps can last up to 1 year, however, Apple may revoke the certificate thus making all the already installed apps to crash. If that happens, check the official hack topic on iOSGods to grab the new download link. How can I prevent my App(s) from getting revoked?This is currently not possible on Non-Jailbroken devices but it may be in the future. If you're Jailbroken, you simply need to add ocsp.apple.com to the bottom of your etc/hosts file. I'm sorry, I didnt mean to spam by copying,etc.. but yah I'm pretty sure .. stuff aware with the revoke issue.
  6. Try look your problem in this section : https://iosgods.com/forum/500-app-questions-support/ If there arent any, you need to create a new topic for that.
  7. The worst story: I am a loner. The best story: I get the vip. (Wish) Keep trying because failing is another way to success. Dida hate hacker?
  8. Do you use your iphone to visit the link? You need to allow the configuration.
  9. Have you tried this link https://app.iosgods.com/ ? ofc with your phone.
  10. I want VIP. Nah. I only need 'her' even though I know it impossible. My wish is simple. Longlife with 'her'.
  11. This is great stuff. iOSGods become more more more bigger than expected. With all the 'hacked' feature, things will become easier for community. User doesn't need to spent more time instead just use the app and install which make things easier.
  12. The worst story: I didnt get a chance to win any giveaway. The best story: Stop being a loner. (Wish) Keep trying, you never know what happen next until you try it. Dida hate rules breaker?
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