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  1. I don’t know if it’s my iPhone or the app itself. I could play the mini-game without any problem. However when I want to play a level (with or without boosters), Gardenscapes crashes. My iPhone is running iOS 15.0. Are there more people experiencing this?
  2. @Laxus, there is a bug with the hack. The new mini game doesn’t change it’s energy bar. It is stuck on the starting point. Can you fix that?
  3. Thank you, @LAXU5. But can you upgrade to newest version, because the new version is forced now.
  4. @Rook Version 0.21.1 is the latest version of Sideloadly for 32Bits Windows. So that shouldn’t be the problem. Also other apps are no problem. Just this one.
  5. Hello, I'm trying to install Kodi Leia No Jailbreak Cheats 18.9 Hacked IPA by iOSGods.com on my iPhone 8+. However I get a Guru Meditation Error with Sideloadly. I have googled for a solution, but came up empty. Maybe someone here knows how I can fix this problem. Thank you in advanced. Sideloadly version 0.21.1, Windows 10.0, 386 Using IPA file: C:/Users/****************/Downloads/Kodi Leia No Jailbreak Cheats 18.9 Hacked IPA by iOSGods.com.ipa: ************************* Checking iOS version... iOS version 14.7, will mangle bundleID Obtaining team ID Using team "********" (Individual) with id ******** Making sure device ID ***************** is registered Device **************** is already registered Checking private key Looking up app ID Using app ID "Kodi" with id WV632QGK8J Signing... ERROR: Guru Meditation [email protected]:f22796 encoding specified in XML declaration is incorrect: line 1, column 31
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