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  1. I would be cautious, as these crashes could be logged on the server side, and this could have caused a few of the bans seen here in this forum. Better safe than sorry!
  2. Just bad luck I suppose - would have to wait for arch to update the hack in that case.
  3. Same - game freezes after a minute of loading. EDIT: For those who have been using this hack for a while, a previous version of the hack (5.3.8) still works with Speed Hack and No Cooldown. Just: 1) Uninstall the hack from Cydia 2) Go to Filza/iFile, and install the previous .deb file for 5.3.8. This should be enough while we wait for arch to update the hack.
  4. Speed boost is not working even if you move the slider. What it seems to be doing is purely taking the additional speed from runes into account, rather than any base speed. This meant when I was levelling fodder, my farmer was the only one getting turns while the rest stayed at 0 attack bar. In guild war/siege/arena, my Bernard moved three times before Lushen, which backs up the evidence.
  5. Lol, this thread is pure toxicity. @Archangel04, you should probably just release this as a VIP Plus Non-Jailbroken hack like it was in the past. People don’t understand that beggars can’t be choosers. You provide something for free, and people still attack you! Smh...
  6. That worked! It usually timed out in the past, so I assumed I should not use that, and go for VIP install instead. Thanks 😊
  7. Thanks @Archangel04 I can’t install by VIP install in the app because it fails every time, and I can’t download the IPA because downloads are disabled (even though I’m VIP Plus). Any idea why nothing is working for me? @DiDA
  8. Late to the party, but I had this download issue and commented in the thread even as a VIP Plus, so this text wasn’t relevant.
  9. Thanks for the update @Archangel04! Just for my own understanding, is there a reason that .IPA downloads are disabled in the app? I saw a thread about limiting the number of people on the app if they aren't VIP, but I am VIP Plus...
  10. Hey - thanks for the hack. I rejoined to get the non-jailbreak hack after I updated my account. I am surprised that people requested that the no skill CD was removed. It was the most 'realistic' version of a hacked game. Is there any possibility that this could be added back in the future?
  11. People are mentioning a genuine bug with Theo’s endure passive, so something might have broken on their end too as you said.
  12. Hey, yeah it’s not working. - Necro boss just dies without reviving, - Everyone has cooldowns even with active - Perna dies without revive, and I just had a weird situation where the battle never finished. All enemies dead but my team just stood there, with the ability to attack (but no one to hit)
  13. Nothing you have said is new information. You’re just saying obvious information to belittle what has been said so far. I have clearly written that the way users are treated when they ask for the update, is appalling and rude, especially when they are paying $120 into this site each year. Telling them to be quiet when they ask for an update doesn’t feel ‘VIP’. This site wouldn’t exist without its donators, so to shut down their requests is a bad business model (yes this is a business). Maybe the business model should be changed to revenue share per hack download, so that there is more of an incentive for the guys producing the work, to have some skin in the game. It’s no wonder they don’t prioritise the update of hacks when the only benefit they get is a change of status in the forum, and a lower cost of membership each month.
  14. With respect DiDA, people do just buy VIP for one hack alone, though I get that this site offers no assurance that the hack will be available at any time. The people who pay for VIP are ultimately those who are funding the running of the website. Regardless of whether or not your terms of service mention that it does or does not give right to have any hack (the promise of what’s to come), it is fully the right of any paying member to deem it no longer rewarding enough to pay the subscription anymore once they feel as though the value is no longer there. The paying members should rightly have a say for the content that they wish to see, particularly as they pay $120 a year. If they are no longer happy, then the site will lose some of its funding. Some comments in this thread which minimise those who request the hack when they are paying seems unfair.
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