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  1. op hack, can anybody hack fame? dunno why the game crashed everytime i open it
  2. @ Amuyea Hi, can u check please, my ipad air 8.0.1 is not working with the hack, still have to sub...or the game just updated and the hack is no longer working ?
  3. can someone reup to mediafire or dropbox please, my country internet suck right now, cant connect to iosddl...
  4. Iphone5s 8.4 stuck when speed and enemy not move are on
  5. Reinstall the app - delete the hack - ur char shud be fine now.
  6. General

    Nice Please release the hack mr shmoo
  7. update please sir. I hope you release the old +4 patch for new chars...
  8. Can u share me the binary link? Mod deleted op link...
  9. op mean original poster aka ZahirSher
  10. I agree with u, mb that +4 not work for older device. However, it does not mean the +4 not actually work. Now all problem solved, no need to have more argument. @@all Who use 32bit use OP +2 Who use 64bit use OP +4
  11. http://www.mediafire.com/download/65mm684wjkd3hyn/com.zahirsher.magic_1.0.4-2_iphoneos-arm.deb http://iosddl.net/70ff0de1d58abd82/com.zahirsher.magic_1.0.4-2_iphoneos-arm.deb
  12. 1. the +4 patch work fine 2. i quoted u coz u r the person made ppl think the +4 not work or corrupted save, but actually the +4 work fine, and it made game easier and not take 2 much time. So, again, i quoted u to let people who came later will know the +4 worked and can use it 3. u said u have to disable hack to make save work, y not disable it from the beginning, u keep talking like it made save cant not play. However i still use the +4 and my save work fine? u ask for a new hack and the +2 lost it best features but still do the same thing the +4 do??? 4. in page 21, all ur problem not happen to me so that y i said the hack work fine, or u just dont know how to do wtih the hack. u said "but it absolutely corrupts your game save. You have no choice but to start the game over if you were lucky enough not to cloud sync..otherwise you're screwed." this mean u r so wrong, y my save not corrupted? y only few of u got problem? y i stll keep the +4 and still can unlock all building and char? 5. u said all i said not worth reading or u cant understand wat i said? the last comment i quoted u said very clear that the +4 hack work fine, i have finish all the Q, unlock all char, all building except those 2 required days to unlock.
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