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  1. Decided to move from vip goodies Hulu premium accounts free for use! reason:TOO MANY PREMIUM HULU ACCOUNTS! ENJOY ! IF you like spotify premium take a look here,all new fresh premium accounts: https://iosgods.com/topic/54314-x6-premium-spotify-2282017-updated/ [Hidden Content]
  2. Help/Support Downgrade IOS Firmware

    This is not possibile right now!The highest ios version jailbreakable now is 10.2 , so if you would want to jailbreak this would be the version to downgrade, but now it is not possibile, as apple stopped signing the all the firmwares until 10.3.3!
  3. replace hdmi with a new one or test your own cable with another ps4 ( friend, etc, dont know) test it again , if dont work will go lower -ps4
  4. dont reset tv! if u tried another tv and still dont work isnt tv's fault i would start testing with a new hdmi cable! a pin might be broken or anything else
  5. General Bullet force dead?

    you are playing on banned server , hackers keep annoing very fast, thats why the play alot only after an update, but mostly the non banned servers are full of players
  6. Thank you DiDA ! and for your hard work on updates🤗! i just hope they wont update soon again! Thank you DiDA ! and for your hard work on updates🤗! i just hope they wont update soon again!
  7. Hey thats epic stuff here ! i really can take this! but im non-jb! DIDAAAAAAAAA UPDATE PLS NON-jb too!
  8. Request Bullet Force 1.09

    yeah we are desperate DiDA!
  9. Cydia iOS 9.3.5 Jailbreak for 32-bit is out.

    f**k THiS! soo awesome! Go guys! waiting on 10.2.1!
  10. Opengles hook to do wallhack on iOS

  11. Tutorial [IDA Tutorial] How to hack floats in ARM64

    great thanks
  12. Hi buddy! you said last week you do a special bullet force hack non jb of all what u can find! any news?? waiting something😅

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