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  1. Mai visto un errore del genere,puoi mettere un screenshot?
  2. Bisogna usare questa guida: https://iosgods.com/topic/93697-introducing-a-new-way-to-install-apps-from-the-iosgods-app-cydia-impactor/ per installare giochi/app
  3. they have aome server issues , but it depends too about your vpn connection restart game and you should be fine! Cheat works like a charm. No issues
  4. servers arent free too! Iosdll isnt free Give DiDA 500.000$ and site is yours 😂
  5. you mean the 300-400 members at 24.99 most of them are free
  6. Simple as it is: How to enable Lunar Mobile Console in unity only with idevice??
  7. lol lool Use this and disable other cheats 😂😂😂😂 easy like sh!t
  8. lol there is so big and in front of you
  9. No , firerate must be switched before battle, you cant modify firerate once in battle! This is how game work, nothing i can do! The firerate activates fir all weapons, unless its found a solution to mod each weapon, but this is mostly impossibile
  10. Guns of Boom Vip Cheat revamped.

    Added auto-update,slider and more firerate switches. Its a beast: 


    1. Pradeep6868


      Good job champ!! 

    2. OLD_WOLF


      Wow good job 👍 

  11. Updated to v 5.3.5.Revamped menu . Added auto-update finally. More firerate switches.Added FOV slider. For next updates pls tag me if any feature doesn't auto-update. Will be problems for sure, but this auto-update helps that when a new version is out you can update the game. If all features auto-update its cool, if not, some will work some not.But at least you will have some features working. A lot of work auto-update, hope worth. Oh i forgot, i have removed some sh!t that was useless like flyhack
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