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Everything posted by absolut1on

  1. the fix crash file gives 20min ban because its a faulty bypass anticheat. instead this new one is fixed. safe as the one before
  2. I have fixed bypass cod mobile and updated topic. No 20 min ban you know?POGGERS Now its your turn to remove those ads from kick the buddy game, in 30 min of gameplay my kid watch 20 min ads.Thank you.:wub:When you can.

    1. Laxus


      Is it the ads from igmenu or from the game itself :wonder:

  3. Bypass it should be fixed now and should not give anymore 20 min ban.Enjoy while i still can fix, will come an end for this bypass.If anyone want to support me donating to me any i would be happy. Pm me for any donation.
  4. alone for now untill update , only if you want to use other hacks also
  5. remove shadowgun wargame hack witch has q-vision then install this.You cant have 2 q-vision hacks installed on your device in the same time
  6. its safe if your jailbreak isnt detected.I use liberty lite a-bypass and have no issues with it.
  7. Idk about ted menu. Never tried it. But it should work with no issue! 👀Maybe ted2 knows whats the problem in compile! 🙂 Try make only command or try make clean package
  8. Do you have same issue compile with other projects, or only this?
  9. many others and i dont get ban for that, so its your issue not blocking well jb detection.This a reply for others too.
  10. try this command before compile export THEOS=/var/root/theos or if still no work try this export THEOS=/var/theos
  11. I have fixed Cod Bypass, stop chatting about jb detection in topic, isnt that the cause.Waiting further feedback from testers to be sure its safe and will update. 

  12. antiban? This hack is safe if you dont install other stupid sh!tty menus from other sites or the ones from here. For now this is only one undetectable.If used only this.
  13. If you uninstall all hacks and use Only Q-vision hack you dont get ban at all.
  14. So we get ban in cod mobile without hacks and liberty lite enabled  in first 8 matches? I need feedback. Pls reply only result if you test it for me. 

    1. Show previous comments  17 more
    2. CubanBoy


      No ban with q-vision ! 

    3. The Kid Morales

      The Kid Morales

      Played about 20 games now , using your menu and Enoch’s. I’m making it obvious that I’m using hacks still haven’t gotten banned . Running Kernbypass

    4. king23yt


      can I use q-vision on its own? or does it need the anti cheat bypass?

  15. need checkra1n on that version on ios in order to work opengl wallhack
  16. I think is more fair that you realize how much time i have to put into to get such thing. And i did added color for Br but was patched, so works only for Mp. But for Br exist wallhack and works. When you decide to take Vip as a support for this site that keeps it alive, then you will have all vip cheats availabile to use. Nobody wants to make 1200 br matches to make color for player for free, not talking about the time lost making it..Since i have a family too..
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