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  1. Well, I could toggle the hack on and off, but the two new accounts I made are saying they got banned for unauthorized programs....
  2. I'm smartening up this time. I hack account, one normal account LOL.
  3. @Amuyea, I kind of missed the simplicity of your hack/mod. It was never too much and not too little. Always just right. It gives you that unfair advantage with certain monsters but keeps one humble. Lol
  4. I don't think the ban was related to this mod. Im sure most people did the HOH and beat all the stages. They banned all my alts for that very reason. The ban just came very late. Com2us banned 4 of my accounts since the new mods came out. But I don't think it's relative to the new creators. More likely Com2us is dropping the ban hammer, and really checking run times.
  5. Ahhhh okay I hadn't downloaded and looked at the menu yet! Lol. I just saw millions of damage in the intial statement and was like ahk!!!? In that case, you rock. Best mod ever. Even tho I have yet to pm you for code to use it
  6. Thanks, @Archangel04, gonna probably stick to the cooldown part. That high damage stuff makes runs too fast. 30k-60k damage would be optimal, not too high, not too low. Other additions look nice tho. Speed option will be good for anti seara
  7. I just made 5 accounts ages ago and been building them up until my main got banned the first time, this account was my second account that just got banned. Now I'm on the third... already got decked out monsters because I've been playing them on the side for 2 years... I've limited use of the mod to arena and and dungeons. I am also making sure I stay over 1min on all runs
  8. @xiaov my account got banned for the mod toa aspect of the game. Apparently all levels of toa are timed an inspected for modding. May be good to place a warning about never doing any stage of toa with the mod, also in the world arena and normal raids. In dungeons and raid beasts the mod wasn't detected. Just a note for the future. The cooldown hack won't be detected in toa though. if I might make a recommendation of changing the damage from 60k per hit to 30k as to moderate damage for areas like I listed above.
  9. You need a cleanser then... konamiya aka water Garuda is a good early game easy to get one. A cleanser can remove bombs before detonation. Put it on will runes.
  10. You'll get the bomb damage on the single monster, but all your other monsters will survive I just realized that today! I was messing around with it and apparently when I did the scenarios I turned them on in Reverse order (bottom to top) the last few times I did scenarios or I turned the damage and God mode hacks off! Ty for the confirmation though. I was just coming on to correct myself!
  11. It only works for me when I do one scenario first. If I try dungeons, toa or arena it doesn't work until after I do one scenario.
  12. Bring will runes to fight seara and start the fight with cooldowns off...
  13. Okay, this mod is good everywhere. The one hit ko part isn't working but the mod does enable damage from monsters 1&2, which means in all dungeons, scenarios, toa; put your most beast damagers in spot 1 and 2 the rest in the other spots. You'll never die and you can conquer any of the areas listed above. Be careful if you try this with beast raids. Might not be as effective or too effective... no cooldowns is good everywhere but rta.... never rta while using a mod.
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