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  1. You should check the damage multiplier. I set it to 1 it’s doing like 100x damage.
  2. @xRenamon I’m pretty sure any game you can get banned based on how you abuse it. Cause anything can set off a alert I guess. Just be smart. Don’t use it in PVP but don’t expect your safe.
  3. @xRenamon no need kern just strictly A-bypass with tweak installed and disable ABSubloader. But yah I got it to work with supercharge as well.
  4. I just tried using A-bypass. Disable AB Subloader and mod works. No security error. iOS 14.2 IPhone 12 pro max. No Supercharge just regular tweak install using Filza.
  5. And for those that just wants to edit the file from the On my iPhone the location of the Downloads folder is /private/var/mobile/containers/shared/group.com.apple.FileProvider.LocalStorage And inside File Provider Storage should have your downloads folder.
  6. It works. Make sure you don’t install the tweak through Filza. If so uninstall it on Cydia first. Then just install the tweak using Supercharge. Got it running. Good job @indrac
  7. iGameGod keeps crashing here is my crash log https://www.dropbox.com/s/q4rizakzls4xjc2/iGameGod-2020-12-02-215927.ips?dl=0
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