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  1. sorry but im not making hacks anymore, or for now anyway, schools keeping me busy
  2. Hello friend, i’d like to win the Amazon Gift Card, why? Because i’d like to buy a gift for someone special and this would help out a lot! Thanks Adderall!
  3. Hmm okay, __text:00000001001D9320 ADRP X1, #[email protected] ; "SunSpend" __text:00000001001D9324 ADD X1, X1, #[email protected] ; "SunSpend" __text:00000001001D9328 ADD X0, SP, #0x860+var_1B8 __text:00000001001D932C BL sub_1001CA908 __text:00000001001D9330 LDRSW X2, [X19,#0x78] __text:00000001001D9334 LDUR X0, [X29,#var_A8] __text:00000001001D9338 ADD X1, SP, #0x860+var_1B8 __text:00000001001D933C BL sub_1015E7420 This is the SunSpend function, if i was to C0035FD6 ADRP would that be all? or i need to ret all such as ADD BL LDRSW LDUR ADD BL?
  4. thanks guys, managed to hack my first string Hey Rook i was doing Plants Vs Zombies 2 and got unlimited currencies but for the "sun" could i just nop something like "SunSpend" to stop the suns decreasing? for nop would i do just 1F2003D5 or 1F2003D5C0035FD6
  5. Hello there! hope you're having a good day. Today i wanted to ask the iosgods community for a list of applications that are great for practising hackingwith string, I personally find it very difficult so i would like games that people know are good for hacking with strings and know so string incase i need help! So just a few games for practising strings would be good thanks.
  6. Yeah, they patched freee iap i believe so you cant buy paid characters and boards but i’ll look into it more when i can
  7. Yeah it’s a bug, All hacks work. I’ll stop it giving the error soon
  8. Yeah i have it updated to 2.5.2, it took a little longer because the devs changed the game to UnityFramework which is slightly different, they also patched FreeIAP and Noclip as far as i have experimented, NEW: I have found a new function that allows you to buy anything in the game even if you have 0 coins/keys So kinda like a “Free store”, i found this so make up for the patch of “FreeIAP”. Read my previous post, new update coming in max 20 mins
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