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  1. Sadly we’re not able to download IPAs, we’re forced to use the app version which is kind of stupid. But the App Store versions of games sometimes are known to cause issues
  2. Hi @DanYal sorry if you already saw this, app keeps crashing after the last enemy is defeated. Much love as always, thank you!
  3. @DanYal Much appreciated kind sir! one request if possible, to remove one hit kill, so we can perform the rising rush before we kill the opponent by trying to grab all 7 dragon balls other than that thank you again!
  4. @DanYal Thank you for the hack, appreciate it a lot, but can you please clarify if we’re getting the “enemy doesn’t attack” feature back or is that gone for good?
  5. @DiDA @Joka Can you please post ipa links to this 1.31 update? the iosgods app is down again because it got revoked, it's causing more problems than it's fixing, and it'd be nice for the vip users to at least have access to the .ipa since the iosgods app has had its certificate revoked more often than not recently Edit* nevermind of course i saw the option for ipa download only after i posted lmao
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