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  1. everybody can patch, with the tools. but i don't tell you. just check the download section.
  2. okay… 1 topic, more download links :)

  3. check download section.. . . . . new password archive. check out at pastebin. crack only version is don't need password
  4. try pasted. they're had own community at they forum so don't ask me why. ask them!
  5. please don't tell everyone that password. just Message me via PM. because… if you share the password, i'll change it soon.
  6. i edit download and virustotal link and changed to pasted because… i don't have more time for edit download section and add virustotal link at same time. and my internet speed too… [4G LTE, but DL Max speed 10 Mbps and UL Max speed 256 KB/s.] so, if you check is it updated, i'll post here and says updated! like before tell me what filename what you downloaded and why if you got wrong password.
  7. @@Amuyea, @@Diversityy can i get back to what i write into this post? https://iosgods.com/topic/34841-pokefarmer-cracked-version-new-api-new-version/?view=findpost&p=1188844 i wanna insert to this old topic
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