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  1. its not working anymore even with sideloadly or cydia impact , i tryed , the game dont let me do reget my progress and when i step in the green area to go from one location to another m the game become stuck . I hear the music but the screen and the game still loading .
  2. near to the right , where you see the button " INSTALL " there is this "3 points" ( ... ) , you press this point point point and there you have " download .API file" Hope this help ✌️
  3. Before the latest version and now with the version v 0.17.3 , you get this error ERROR: Guru Meditation [email protected]:f11511 Call to np_client_new failed: NP_E_CONN_FAILED . When you try to install the Last Day On Earth / 8ball pool / Grim soul , you get this error on SideLoadly .
  4. Its not working anymore . You can download from pc into your iphone but everytime when you entry in the app doesnt matter if you save or no , you are ( naked ). Only the name remain and when you exit from the home in the green area to see all , the game is stock .
  5. Good morning everybody , i've bought the app+ before 4-5 months , but i never used because i cannot . When i made the purchase , i dont receive nothing on my mail about iosgods app or something like that . I also spoked with Rook , and he request my udid id . I gave it to him but he didnt answer and i think he's busy . The point is , I already checked all the topics and all everybody's questions to see if i can fix my problem but i couldn't . I checked also the app+ info and details , i downloaded again the profile but nothing about my udid or something else , it just open my iosgods browser and say this device is not registered . How is posible , it not passed 1 year and i cannot do anything to be honest with you guys and i didn't change my device since than so , what i should actualy try to do? All the best , Luca !
  6. Hello everybody , I’m Fragaru , the real name Luca . I’m from Romania , i’m 26 years old and my biggest passion is to drive all night long , during the day some basketball with my friends or swimming i would like to say again nice to meet you all and i hope to have a lovely and peaceful time !
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