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  1. everytime I try to open the game after overwriting the files, Angry Birds says it can't connect to the internet no matter if im on data or wifi.
  2. I downloaded this app called NO ADVERTISING ALLOWED!, installed the hacked version of hungry shark, connected the save with unlimited currencies to a facebook account for the cloudsave, updated Hungry Shark and then signed into the facebook account and I had unlimited gold and gems on the latest version of hungry shark.
  3. Hi I don't know what I did wrong but I just ended up using a different method. Thanks for trying to help me.
  4. For some reason it unlocked everything but vip for me.
  5. Its not working for me, what could I be doing wrong?
  6. Yea whenever I join a game I can’t move just so you know but great job on this you’re a massive legend!
  7. Ok so when I made my post the Canada vpn method had worked 4/4 times I did it but when I tried to redeem my 10k gift cards today and yesterday I got the reward not available shit and I did the reset every time it showed up. I'm trying one more time and if it doesn't work then I'm beat for now until I think of what could be going wrong. I also have tried to redeem small amounts of points to PayPal with Canada and no vpn and it has said the whole "your account is flagged blah blah wait 24-48 hrs bs" so atm I don't really know what to do I'm just keep running it and pray that by some chance it will redeem successfully. Yea I'm going to give your way a try I think I just gotta be more careful with redeeming too much in one day and keep it in a daily rythm of one redeem per day
  8. I've got 40$ on my Xbox from this I've been running it since I found out about this. I see that a few of you guys are having trouble so this is what worked for me. -Never open the stalktrailers app while the app trailers app is open because it will get you insta banned. - Redeem your points with a vpn that is set to Canada, it works every time. - Redeem your points at the end of everyday on smaller things and the cash will build up. This is also great because it prevents you from building up a shitload of points just to have it say reward not available when you try to cash in which blows, Hope this helps, peace
  9. so it worked until i got to the step where i had to update it. I went into the app store and it wouldn't detect an update for injustice. So in the app store i went to injustice and it made me get the latest version of injustice so now i have 2 injustice apps. I downloaded injustice 2.4 from the link above.
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