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  1. Another app update earlier today! Hope you can update the hack quickly. @Laxus
  2. Yes, thanks for your work on this, @Laxus. Once again another update this soon! Please update the hack when you can.
  3. The app was just updated today @Laxus. Hoping for the hack update soon!
  4. The app was just updated. Looking forward to the updated hack as well! @Laxus
  5. The app has been updated one more time. Would you mind updating the hack please? Thank you! @Laxus
  6. Sorry, wrong tag. Actually, thinking that @Laxus would be the better person to update this app!
  7. App updated last night. Hack update is needed when you have a moment or two @Rook
  8. Thank you much for the quick turnaround! @Rook But I can confirm as well that I am experiencing the same issue with the game crashing when attacking an enemy with the hack enabled.
  9. @DanYal The game has been updated and is not incompatible with the hack. The hack crashes whenever entering a fight.
  10. @DuarteCigre Maybe I’m missing something, but I still don’t see how this works. How did you figure it out?
  11. @DADi Still receiving the "Invalid Client ID" error when attempting to log into the hack today. Might this be an issue that is related to our iOS or jailbreak version?
  12. @DiDA New version 0.15.0 is out in the iOS App Store as of today! Looking forward to the mod being updated.
  13. @DiDA The new app update is now in the Appstore, and the forced update will be enforced within the day. Please update the hack when you have the chance.
  14. @DiDAGame has now been updated to a new version. Looking forward to an update of the hack!
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