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Everything posted by Ro.

  1. Mods working fine on iPhone X running 11.4.1 good job @DiDA we appreciate it so much!
  2. Agreed hopefully everything gets sorted out in this next update.
  3. How about both of you’ll make videos showing the mods work completely fine it might help the community & DiDA out to figure out what’s going on.
  4. That's hard to believe when everyone is having problems and I got a lower ios jailbreak then you and encountering the same problems as everyone else. I'm running an iPhone X on 11.4.1 where the mod don't work at all and my iPhone 6s Plus running 9.0.2 where the hack works but most features either don't work or buggy.
  5. Doesn’t work for my iPhone X jailbroken on 11.4.1 but I’ll test it on my iPhone 6s Plus running 9.0.2 *UPDATE* Works fine on my iPhone 6s Plus running 9.0.2 but doesn’t work on my iPhone X running 11.4.1 God-Mode makes everyone not be able to die, one hit kill works and unlimited spirit bombs work as well.
  6. The game doesn’t open at all for me to even to try attempt to switch some features on and off. But with CSR 2 I can turn the features off and on. So I don’t think it’s a coincidence everyone having the same problem with the app automatically crashing, but I can be wrong. But all other mods work perfectly fine for me on 11.4.1
  7. I think it’s the hack because every time I try to open the game it automatically crashes but the CSR 2 mods are working completely fine for me.
  8. I jailbreaked with unc0ver build 3.0.0 b8 , I found it that Electra was way more buggy for me and always causing my phone to crash or go in safe mode. Since switching to unc0ver my phone went into safe mode once. This was the most stable jb for me but I think it depends on your device some people phone work better with unc0ver and some with Electra just got to find out what’s best for your phone. https://imgur.com/a/nS04G9q
  9. I’m jailbreak with unc0ver and had no problems using the iOS gods mods I don’t understand I guess it’s some people devices. I’m jailbroken on an iPhone X 11.4.1 with unc0ver for some reason Electra was way more buggy for me.
  10. Hopefully when the hack get update everything will work fine.
  11. Can someone be kind enough to send me the iOS 11.1 beta 2/macOS 10.13.1 beta 2 emoji font file please I've been looking everywhere and couldn't find it. Thanks in advance
  12. Nope and I've been using it for months just be smart about it.
  13. Yeah I just ordered the S8 Plus to test it out and compare it to my iPhone 7 Plus jailbreak as it stands I heard they have a better camera but when I get it I can test and compare everything. Hope iPhone step up there game
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