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  1. Interested in trying but needs an update, two version behind. :S
  2. Out of curiosity, where were you using this? PvP or in Coop? I've been testing it out in Coop only (won't go into pvp with this) with a friendly account and it seems their coding is really weird. The other account can't see the changes you make to your card. They also don't run perfectly in sync. The legit account finished the coop without any changes before wave 10 whereas the edited one continued into the 100s. When the two of them went out of sync, any changes made (mana up, new units, etc) took ages to work until it finally said second player disconnected. Their units stay on field, just no changes from them in future. If I had to guess, the way they coded their game indicates that the tutorial cards are stored on our device and editable whereas any other cards remain on their server and can't be modded.
  3. Those who want a hack for this, funnel into this thread and bump it with your interest. Only way someone will pick it up and work on it:
  4. Bump. This is valid. The original thread hasn't been updated in 3+ months.
  5. I didn't say there was, however when the newer patch dropped, people were getting outright bans just for loading in. I've used hacks for over a decade on both mobile and PC for various games. I know that bans are very likely but as a developer of them, you should obviously know there's a massive difference between a chance of getting banned from using a hack and playing obviously or doing stupid things and something getting detected immediately just by running.
  6. Yep, this hack was great for a really long time but I can't recommend it to anyone else with people getting banned just for running it. @K_K
  7. Thanks for checking mate, been refreshing for 13 hours waiting on info. Appreciate it
  8. Thanks for the update! Is this new version safe that K_K pushed out? No one gotten banned?
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