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  1. It crashes my device when I try to upgrade my penguins.
  2. Looks promising! How many of you all have gotten Infractions?
  3. Time for a joke! =20 Canibals started working for an IT company= After about six months, their boss comes up to them and says that he is very pleased with their work. He also states that the cleaning lady seemed to have vanished a couple of days ago and asks if they happen to know anything about it. "No sir" says the head canibal. "Ok. Thank you." the boss states and leaves. With the boss gone, the head canibal says in frustration to the group “Alright, who did it?” "I did!" one of them admits. "You idiot! We've had fifty different managers in the past six months and nobody’s batted an eye! You had to eat the one person in this office that actually gets any work done!" Thanks for the giveaway!
  4. Duel

    Any way you could update the Penguin Isle mod you have made? Your release is 1.0.8 I believe, and the newest is 1.10.

  5. Looks promising! Can’t wait to try it out! Thank you.
  6. Thanks for this! How detectable is the perfect shot? Any ban rate estimates
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