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  1. I tried the new hack but it didn’t affect my game at all. It kept crashing like before even by disabling the bypasses. Deceive us A12 IPhone XS Max v12.4
  2. Does anyone know how to bypass the jailbreak detection on v4.31.7? I tried both FlyJB (Crashes) and A-Bypass works but only for 30sec than crashes.
  3. @Rook plz update to 11.1.3 we just need the premium for monster legend 😝
  4. @Leeberlin plz fix the no requirements for the mythic forge.
  5. You probably leveled up your gears when you adventure map level was low that comes with instant ban or If you level up your gears like 20 times in a single time so do it 5 times go back to main menu and go back in to gears and level it up like that and you should be good to go but your adventure map level should be higher then your gears aka equipments
  6. Hey did you fix it? The best way to not get detected is do not level up your gears above your level (map level) and don’t stack gems 💎 above 100k and you will be good to go and won’t get Ban.
  7. @Leeberlin The free crafting don’t work or at least missing some items like magical mushroom, Hollowed Horn, Hale heart, Evil Eye, and wicked web can you fix that so I can craft some mythic armors/weapons
  8. @Zahir can you add no requirement for the dungeon cuz that’s gonna help a lot. By requirement I mean they force you to use specific monsters to complete the dungeon which beginner even end game people don’t have so ya that’s going to help a lot if that’s possible thanks.
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