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  1. @Archjayte Hi I have the same issue for almost 2 weeks now. 🥺 We just need to wait for a new email. Many (if not all) of those who bought IOSGods app+ are facing same issue
  2. I’m afraid not. 🥺 You need to wait to receive an email with a new link to download IOSGods app.
  3. Thanks @Laxus for your fast reply. I know you’re all working hard to fix this issue and don’t want to put pressure on you. It’s just that I find my days so long without playing a bit. Thanks again
  4. As suggested by @arcie I made some pancakes, Far breton with prunes and soft center chocolates with crème anglaise .... 😋 Result: I gained 3 pounds in 3 days 😱🤣 @Laxus @Rook please please do your possible to fix the IOSGODS revokes issue. I can’t gain minimum 3 pounds every weeks. I miss so much playing Agar.io 🥺 thanks
  5. I can’t wait seeing that email thanks for all your hard work guys!
  6. Good morning @Laxus I bought IOSGODS app + and today I can’t open Agar.io nor IOSGODS application. The app crash. Not sure if you are aware yet about this issue, so wanted to inform you that it doesn’t work anymore. Thanks for your support. Best regards
  7. 🥳🥳🥳 Thanks a million @Laxus Merry Christmas to you and to the entire IOSGods team 🎁🎄💝😘
  8. @Laxus yeahhhh that would be a wonderful Christmas present 💝 but no pressure of course 😁
  9. Dear @Laxus could you please prioritize the update of Agar.io to version 2.14? I can’t play anymore with my worldwide Agar.io friends 🥺 Thanks for all your hard work 🤗
  10. 🥳 I just received the email confirming the revoke has been fixed. IOSGods App+ downloaded successfully and all is working well 🤗 THANKS 😘 @Rook and all the team
  11. Hi @Rook Thanks for all the hard work you and your team are doing to solve this revoke issue. It’s been now 9 days since my App+ doesn’t work anymore and I missed it a lot 🥺. Hope I’ll get soon an email. Good luck 🍀
  12. Hi the issue could be fixed by deleting and installing again the IOSGods App+ application, at least it worked for me. But since this morning impossible to open IOSGods App+ application or any games. 🥺
  13. Hello. I have the same issue since IOS14 update made last week: impossible to download an application from IOSGODS App+
  14. Hello @root and @Laxus i have the same issue after IOS14 update made: impossible to install an application on my iPhone 6 (software version 12.4.8). Hope you’ll fix this issue soon 🤞. Thanks
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