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  1.  Hack [x64] Mortal Kombat X v1.11.1 +17

    Please update, thank you!
  2. [if statement]Heroes and Castles 2 v1.0.1

    Looking forward to the update!,
  3. Request Heroes and Castles 2 v1.03

    Rock on thanks @@shmoo
  4. Request Heroes and Castles 2 v1.03

    [Request] Heroes and Castles 2 v1.03 App Image App you want hacked: Heroes and Castles 2 Version of the app: v1.03 iTunes URL for the app: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/heroes-and-castles-2/id911781335?mt=8 Requested features: Unlimited Command Points(used for summoning), Unlimited Health, Unlimited Mana, Unlimited skill points for Heroes. (currency could be thrown in too but I mostly want the command points) Jailbroken or Non-Jailbroken: JB please, DEB form would be best I think Thank you!
  5. @shmoo any luck or did the update mess everything up? And any chance seeing a command point hack as well?
  6. @shmoo , hope you got command point figured out too ????
  7. @shmoo How goes the command points kind sir, thanks for the hack!
  8. Howdy Kevv, how goes the update? Much luck and smooth sailing for yea, cant wait!!
  9.  Patcher Candy Crush Soda Saga v1.34.30 +5

    Testing Crashes when you hit play please update
  10. Worked perfectly thank you, and thank you for the awesome deb Kevv
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