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  1. What I dont understand is, why they don’t have a permanent Info section for this, where everyone can check if thats the problem and see when it’s fixed. Another thing is that I have had another service and they got revoke one time During one year. IosGods is getting revoked as often as the free services. And since it`s not a free service they should be a bit humble about it and give us some extra service, like the permanent info section, I mentioned yearlier.
  2. My friend also bought the app. Hers got revoked a week ago but she hasn`t got any email.
  3. I have read the post but nothing is written about this problem. It seems like the issue is revoking and/or signing from Apple or?
  4. Bought the iOSgods app and installed a few apps. Could only do a custom signing because otherwise the icon went black and stayed that way. Now the main app (iOSgods) crashes. When I install it again the icon remains black and I cannot use it. None of the other apps that I installed (all of them signed by iOSgods) works. It’s really frustrating when you don’t seem to find any answers to - what I believe are - common bugs/problems. Is it the apple signing that fails often? I had a different service before and never had any kind of these problems. Can anyone help out? .
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