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  1. Long time no see huh!! Gfx title got removed, fair enough
  2. Thanks? Haha yeah perhaps, it's kind of supposed to be dark though together with fog. Thanks!!
  3. Hey people!! I'm trying out new things on the constant, this being one of them. It's a model of the novelist Dostoyevsky with a marble material and golden part. I also added a bit of Noise to the picture for a slight realistic feel. Feedback is appreciated, especially on this one! no gold:
  4. They just pop up in my head dude! Hahaha resemblance to other things, etc.
  5. Thank you Gaius!! Hahaha thanks a lot!
  6. Hahaha thank you, really appreciate it! Thanks! Thank you a lot Joka!!
  7. Thanks Trumpy! Thanks Dabeast! Thanks a lot Patrick!
  8. Soooo I decided to play around with creating some crystal-like shapes, this is the product!! Feedback is alwaaaays appreciated! :) (added a little noise effect for personal preference)
  9. Hey what's up! Was playing around with Blank Repository's food models and this is what I created! Feedback is appreciated, especially in this one!
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