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  1. Low defence, instant/infinite skill/dragon, no abnormal status, fast speed. god mode is working And idk about the rest I don’t really use them
  2. @Archangel04 hey bro could you update to new version when you have the time, some hacks aren’t working 🙁 thanks in advance
  3. Try using shadow! I’m using liberty, flyjb and shadow, it’s working fine for me
  4. Ohh fair enough, yeah I am running 13. That sucks man hopefully they can fix that for you or sube look around a try other jb bypass maybe there is another that could work
  5. @Zahir New update out 😁 whenever you have the chance
  6. I’m using the same jb bypass and it’s working fine for me, Not to sure why it isn’t for you. What iOS do you have and which job are you running?
  7. What do you mean?? Are you talking about the dmg hack or the actual game?? Because if it’s the game it still working fine with me
  8. @Rook @Laxus Bandai put on a dmg/hit cap, anything over 30-40 with the atk multiplier Hack it disconnects You from the game. I know there’s nothing you can do, just wanted to let yous now in case you want to change description of the hack 👍
  9. I thi k it depend on how much dmg you do, I can do Max 35 to be able to use my skills, I can use 40 with normal atk but If i do it too quickly it disconnects me that’s me doing over 6k Per hit
  10. I don’t think devs can do something about it, yeah Bandai decided to be smart and out a dmg cap for dmg, like SO RUDE 🤣
  11. Don’t know if just me but for the multi dmg hack they finally came up with something to stop it from working. Every time I place the multiplier higher than 30-40 it disconnects from the game and connect you again automatically but the dmg you do doesn’t work. Everything seems to be working fine if you having the same problem with the dmg hack just keep it around 30 Yeah they finally did something about it, I’ve been testing and it doesn’t do anything if I have it on 30 more than that it disconnects if I use a skill
  12. I use flyjb, shadow and liberty for this game, it was working fine until new update
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