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  1. Hey can u please add Bk deck out hack for easy win. The game already have auto duel
  2. Thanks 🙏 for update time to give a test Wait no more easy win deck out your opponent
  3. Lol I was just making sure my app auto updated 😭 the hack show but not working
  4. I find the problem but I don’t know how to fix it the new Cydia compatibility 1.9.1 not supporting the hacks
  5. Yes the hacks are not outdated is new update is messing up the hacks I tried yugioh duel links and last of earth none of them is working. I’m trying to downgrade but I don’t know how
  6. Please help me none of the hacks work after I updated Cydia Compability package iOS god menu come up but hack does nothing
  7. I just updated to 1.9 newest version now none my hack is working the iosgod menu come but enables cheat does nothing how to downgrade thanks ?
  8. I keep trying it just not working maybe cause Cydia Compatibility package was updated also I had 2 finish optionals now I only have 1 any idea ??
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