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  1. Sorry, my mistake, links are down now. Wont happen again.
  2. This is an older mod intended when SW updated to 5.3.1 but this one has working speed hack and usable in game. Gotta stick to this for now until Arch updated the mod.
  3. The speed hack from previous deb "com.archangel.summonerswar_5.3.1_iphoneos-arm.deb" works. That deb bypassed the tweak injection protection. But no dmg multiplier, no godmode, no max acc, no cooldown.
  4. Are you sure all the other options are not highlighted on modmenu?
  5. Speedboost still working, check the screenshot on the link below. I was leveling two monsters. Sometimes when I go to dungeon the slider doesn’t register the new value, and will need to be moved around (e.g changed to 5 to use in dragon but only 2 monsters are moving so you will need to reopen the modmenu, move the slider to another value and then back to 5) https://imgur.com/uDpZpEg https://imgur.com/cZsScvl Hope it works for you all. edit: no skill cooldown still works, usable in few situations.
  6. thanks for updating, i can use speedboost and no cooldown on the new version stay safe and keep rocking
  7. My old phone was deactivated by Apple because of the ios 9, and was forced to update to the 13.3.1. Jailbroken and installed the deb but no pop up in the game, is the tweak compatible with ios 13? edit: thx for the quick pm, I reinstalled cydia from checkrain on the phone and can use the mod in game now!
  8. hey guys I would want to share that the speedboost is working on my side, 9.3.2 with jbme dot qwertyuiop, 12.4 with checkrain, and another 12.4 with uncover on A12. Damage multiplier and godmode is not working, but all I use is speedboost for everything. It still work for yesterday siege, current gw, arena, even on R5.
  9. Will the antiban gets updated? I am asking because few ppl in my friend list has been restricted, can't use their mons on Faimon. And my friend list are quite old, like 2 years old, never accepted or added new ppl since long time ago.
  10. My VIP is coming to an end and would like to thanks every modders and SW friends from IG. Especially since the jb for A12x device is stuck thus I will move my modded gaming exclusively to android. Most appreciation go to Arch with his awesome extra features and updates even with his busy schedule. Have fun guys and remember to stay below the radar.
  11. So far have not crash on anything including lab bosses, my settings also on godmode only, with max accuracy and anti ban. Try install crash reporter from big boss repo.
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