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  1. Will the antiban gets updated? I am asking because few ppl in my friend list has been restricted, can't use their mons on Faimon. And my friend list are quite old, like 2 years old, never accepted or added new ppl since long time ago.
  2. My VIP is coming to an end and would like to thanks every modders and SW friends from IG. Especially since the jb for A12x device is stuck thus I will move my modded gaming exclusively to android. Most appreciation go to Arch with his awesome extra features and updates even with his busy schedule. Have fun guys and remember to stay below the radar.
  3. So far have not crash on anything including lab bosses, my settings also on godmode only, with max accuracy and anti ban. Try install crash reporter from big boss repo.
  4. Hmm i just tried updating SW on an iphone 7, running 12.1.2. I can play like usual and the modmenu also loaded. try to install crash reporter from big boss and trace which tweak causing the crash. Most of my device only has rocket for instagram except the iphone 7 has no custom tweaks beside the standard package coming from jailbreaking. Unfortunately I dont have experience with electra, perhaps someone with similar device and ios could help you further.
  5. I am not crashing unless I enable the mod within the game, on jailbroken 9.3.2 10.3.3 and 12.1.1b3.
  6. Anyone on ios 12.1.1 beta 3 feels the phone gets very hot ? My iphone SE only has SW with "reduced quality" on settings and Reprovision sets to check every 2 days (which is the only custom package I installed from cydia). I used the b45 version to jb.
  7. I got that once in a while when I need to put in my iosgods login during the modmenu pop up when SW also asking me to login, somehow it makes my iphone lagging badly. My solution was to uninstall the tweak first, then run SW to login in game. Reinstall the tweak and dont press anything until you got the "touch to enter" message in SW. Then login to iosgods in the modmenu pop up. That trick works for me in ios 9.3.3.
  8. thank you for the improvement i can now retire 5s
  9. I dont think the dmg multiplier works, i see the damage being multiplied but the enemy hp is not decreasing accordingly.
  10. Most of the recent ban happened because people unknowingly put too many damage multiplier on dungeon (giant, dragon, necro, etc). If you are breaking the time record, people on world chat will see your finish time and your monsters. Just make sure to keep all dungeon time above 1 mins.
  11. I received those emails, the first email was about 'Payment pending' then 6-7 hours later another email titled 'Payment Failed' came. This is the same card I used on the previous VIP subscription on November 2018 that went through easily.
  12. Hi my latest VIP subscription was refused. I just contacted my CC provider and they confirmed that the transaction is not yet claimed by the merchant. Does this happened because of Stripe? My subscriptions on late 2017 and all through 2018 are very easy and automated without any pending. Anyone have any suggestion?
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