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  1. They're experiencing a revoke, which something they can't control or predict. So the app+ as well, the various apps on the platform are currently revoked at this time. We're just going to have to wait for a new certification.
  2. I believe it is a revoke. App+ and hacks won’t open, automatic closes. I uninstalled & reinstalled, app+ icon is dark & says can’t finish install.
  3. Name of the game you want hacked: Board Kings Version of the game: 3.26.0 iTunes Link for the app: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/board-kings/id1116488672 Jailbroken or Non-Jailbroken: Non-Jailbroken Requested Features: Infinite Rolls
  4. App+ is currently down 🙃 have patience, the team is pretty good at fixing things ☺️
  5. Hey @Laxus can you please update the non-jailbroken Sims Freeplay to 5.54.01? Thank you so much for everything you do for us! ❤
  6. @Laxus sorry for asking 😔 but any other way to get the latest Sims Freeplay without jailbreak? 🙏🏻 I do appreciate the help that you & @Rook gave me
  7. I did try uncover to see if I could get Cydia & other than settings I wasn't sure what I was doing & at the bottom of the screen it said "unsupported" so I'm not sure if it was or wasn't working. I don't know how to jailbreak a iPhone, so jailbroken apps don't work for me regardless 😔 And I can't remember what the other random apps I clicked on, but when I pushed the back button from downloads it would extract the ipa & ask to install the game. Then install. I tried that with Sims Freeplay as well, but didn't get the same results. It would complete extraction, kick me off app+ & get stuck on resigning app. Rook also did try to help me, but said I would need the ipa logs which required a mac os or Cydia. I have hp with windows.
  8. I'm trying to do it the way they asked us to & hope that I am doing it right. I don't want to demand to get the game hack I want updated, even though it sucks. I'm still grateful that there's people out there willing to go through something that feels extremely complicated to do to me 😊 I also want to beg for the non-jailbroken sims freeplay to be updated, not cause I paid for the App+ & vip subscription. Just because it's just one of the few I get to play. But I'm not sure if begging would do me any good 😔
  9. mine was for Sims Freeplay since I've been struggling with it, even though Laxus was able to help me a little bit. I learn better hands on unfortunately The other apps I had tried on the app+ worked for me. I'm sorry others are having similar problems with the same app &/or others
  10. I did ☺️ But now I’m stuck on resigning app. I was told I needed a Mac OS or Cydia to read the ipa’s logs. I have windows & struggle understanding Cydia 😔 So close too, so at least that was improvement then where I was at previously!
  11. This is for a jailbroken device *sigh*, which I do not have & was asking for a updated Sims Freeplay for those who are still not jail broken. And got stuck on resigning app. Thanks for the help you did provide though
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