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  1. Updated to 1.3.0, let me know if it causes any crashes.
  2. I would need to be promoted to novice cheater in order to learn how to do q-vision. I would need to be promoted to novice cheater in order to learn how to do q-vision. I don’t have an Android.
  3. Look at my tutorial, it shows you a little bit about the hexes.
  4. I was told by a member that the bans are server sided. So once they happen, that's it and an anticheat is useless. I'm still going to look into making an anticheat and get a second opinion. But as for right now, I will be putting a halt on any updates on the menu. If I cannot make one, I will not be updating the menu.
  5. Like @Tonii said, use the live offset patcher. I would also suggest looking at my basic tutorial here. My thread also includes a link to @Ted2's menu template. Making into a .deb is simple. Add what you want into the Tweak.xm, upload and replace the tweak.xm, and compile your project.
  6. If you haven't PM'd him, you can pm him directly by following this link: https://iosgods.com/messenger/compose/?to=1
  7. Can someone who is jailbroken and has the latest version of Area F2. Can you download CrackerXI from Cydia, crack the IPA, and send upload it to Mega.nz for me?
  8. I believe it was getting updated yesterday. I’m gonna work on updating the menu and the anticheat.
  9. Damn, right when I made an anticheat with their previous anticheat. I’ll get to work on updating the menu and the anticheat.
  10. I cannot guarantee you won't get banned. But, I also do not think using anything in absolut1on's menu will cause a difference in whether you get banned or not. When I was creating the menu and during testing, I used some of absolut1on's features at the same time.
  11. X204’s is a free anticheat. Absolut1on’s anticheat, you need to be ViP. You don’t. If you read the thread, I said I’d be fixing it.
  12. @IcyFireHawk I am working on an anticheat bypass. I'm waiting for Rook to compile it so I can have some testers test it. Here's two tutorials you can try to follow, these may say Call of Duty but as I recall this will work for every game. :
  13. Intel® Core™ i3-8145U CPU @ 2.10GHz 2.30 GHz 8GB Ram 1 TB HDD
  14. Liberty Lite is a jailbreak detection bypass. You can try a-bypass to see if it helps with the crashes.
  15. On the app it is, that's only temporary. It's to allow ViP members to download it since last time I released it for free on the app, it crashed for 3 days. It'll be available for free soon.
  16. I just added a warning label. I never got banned when making the menu and during testing. Although that does not guarantee you will not be banned. I suggest searching how to unban your iDevice via deleting the keychains.
  17. Thanks for letting me know, I'll be adding this to the original post.
  18. I have no released the jailbreak version alongside the non-jailbreak version for Area F2. The jailbreak version has 12 cheats while the non jailbreak only has 5. Follow the links below to go to either one. There's a few more things I'd like to add in the future which is no spread and perhaps q-vision and/or chams. But I don't have the knowledge for q-vision or chams since it's only available to cheaters.
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