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  1. This version 1.3.0 of the hack seems broken... earlier versions I only used, move to all map and defense at 23.0.. only... can move anywhere but the defense X not working now you have to turn on the attack X so the defense X one works... no good they get mixed up.. let’s say I have the defense at 23.0 it also gives 23.0 at the attack one no matter if the attack one you have it at 1.0 x.. please fix that and yea I deleted the old version first before installing the new one.
  2. Lucky you, I just got a 7 days one only used Liberty lite beta. (With the q vision free version one) was all perfect till today. Will try with the vip one and see.
  3. Just tried the free version just like the other guy said and it works way better and looks so clean on br mode. The best part I can use my phone on Max graphic settings with the free version and works perfectly. This vip version doesn’t work on high setting wish game looks so ugly and bad so guys use the free version for now, 99999999+ better than the vip version atm.
  4. For me it’s working now. liberty lite beta q-vision no bans or disconnects im on iPhone 11 Pro max ios 13.5 uncover latest version. thx for the tutorial. For me it’s working 101%
  5. New update a-bypass 1.09 but still detected Wish bypass you are using? A bypass and liberty lite? Are you playing with codm global version like us? Cause if is gerena, I think over there all works fine still.
  6. Teach us master then try now, I always was playing all good till today. A-bypass 1.07 and liberty beta lite. Now that way is detected
  7. Had a lot of fun while it lasted thx for everything. It seems they patched the whole thing up. (Jailbreak detection)
  8. Thx that worked.. I saw a weapon that looks like the ak47, asm10 it’s not invisible lol... weard.... and the other called Type 25 is also visible
  9. Works good for br for me, but for multiplayer not.. some one else with same prob? Had to return to 10.0.2 gold edition one wish works for both modes.. invisible weapons like I said b4 not big deal if u use the insight attachment
  10. I agree.. we really need that red colored for wall hack... so much painful with out it for the eyes.
  11. Nop, no turning off once you press the mod icon. If you wanna play with out cheats, don’t press the mod icon when you open the game.
  12. Works great still and no bans thx again.. like others says, invisible guns but no big deal.. as for me I don’t see players colors with the wall hack wish is hard to see them from real far in br.. other than that all good
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