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  1. I’m pretty sure that tactical backpack is isable now any many players are using it . Ban system works like filter and i hasn’t any individual diagnosis to check who has backpack with finishing the events or without finishing the event . It means even if a item be available even just via purchase si it means you can craft it cause the itemcode injected to the while list data base and you can craft it. actually there is this option for server side games but not for this game at least for everywhere except sector 7. goodluck !
  2. @DanYal crash the game after installing, all the tewaks are switched off for the game . ios 11.4.1 - electra JB - i7+ . please repair it bro cause a valuable events is started for now . Thanks @DanYal
  3. Dear @Joka please update the hack to 1.8.2 and please please please , repair the split hack and return back the easy finalize/ assemble hack to game . There is an amazing feature in this existing hack ( 1.8.1) which is God mode that all he enemies are died when this feature is actived , please keep it in next game and I really want to say “Thank you” . This hack is one the best hacks has been built ever . We know Grim soul has not as many players as LDOE has , but you keep this hack alive and amazing as LDOE hack does. cheers 👌👌👌👍👍👍👍💪💪💪💪💪💪
  4. does it means the future ver ? 1.17.1 is not yet available !
  5. It doesn’t work and this topic must be closed
  6. @Joey would you please update it to 1.17.1’ there are two new events for this version which this hack really can be helpful. Thanks in advanced
  7. I have the same damn problem but I finalized the Radio tower when nobody were warned about it , it means on first hack update that “Finalize” hack was added to the mod. Did you find any solution for that ? I tried everything almost , wipe data , reinstalling the game try to find any glitch for radio tower and nothing helped . I guess hackers mist to think about this matter , if there is any way to destroy building and build the new one , or downgrading a building, I really don’t lnow but I’m sure that I don’t want to start a game that put my days on it . please let me lnow if there is ny way to solve it ...
  8. Wooow I need this too , it’s an amazing app , please hack it , I will donate the hacker for hacking this if it be free or donate the website
  9. Not it’s not working yet and it seems he is working on it . As I know he has a huge amiunt of hacks that every single day needs to be updayed and he work on them based on priority, I know he is late for this one but I really respect to his job and what he is doing for us , so please be patient
  10. There are some bugs in hack , like split , speed hack , tye game crash after spliting and character slow down after playing for some seconds thanks for updating @Joka
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