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  1. Doesn’t seem to be working. I use Filza to install it and the pink head icon comes up in the game, and I made sure to check the tick is displayed. Did something to receive gem from customer like guess the ingredient or complete a quest but only received the normal amount of gems (1-5) Could I be doing something wrong?
  2. Doesn’t seem to be working.... apart from boss, all other enemies are attacking, moving and timer doesn’t stop when cheats are turned on
  3. Doesn’t seem to do anything? I checked infinite cash on mod but nothing happened?
  4. Do you know what the error said? It depends on the error. I think it has something to do with keychains or something. Try turning off some security stuff on your phone
  5. Okay, so I finally figured out how to do this. I'm posting this for all the newbies like me ToT who are just really confused........ hopefully my comment doesn't make it any more confusing lol Open imazing(requires purchase for restore)/any other file manager you use - i used imazing 1. connect your phone and go to: File system > apps > merge dragons > backup > documents . you should find the database file there 2. save your database file in an easy to find location 3. open up navicat premium trial version or whatever you downloaded (i used navicat) 4. there should be a place where it says connections. click on that and it should have a drop down menu. choose sqlite 5. after choosing sqlite, you should have another window open up 6. in that window, go to general tab if you're not already there and choose new sqlite 3 for type. (the reason i did that was because i already downloaded sqlite just in case and i read somewhere that it was sqlite 3) 7. choose the database file you saved and press ok 8. after that, on the left hand side, md_db should appear. go: md_db > main > tables > storage 9. choose player data when you find it. you need the text next to player data, press on that and click text on the bar on top to view all text. change the value accordingly and save. 10. go back to imazing. you should still be in the same location you were when you get the database file on 1. 11. copy and paste the one in your folder there. there should be a box coming up telling you that it wants to create a editable file, okay that. 12. go to the editable file on the left hand side bottom. choose that and repeat 1. to find the location. copy paste the file you edited in your folder again to this location. 13. left click on the main editable backup file (where it should say names iphone) 14. choose restore this backup to device okay so after i did all that, it said that it wasn't successful. what i did to fix this problem was turn off passcode required to unlock iphone. this meant that my phone was unprotected, but after restore, i immediately set a new passcode again. you may not have this problem, but if you do, try this. this is literally everything i did, and it worked for me. sorry for the bad spelling and everything, but no one else has popped up to help after all this time and i thought i would make a super rough guide to walk anyone who really wanted to cheat in merge dragons like me lol
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