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  1. Happy holidays to all! Special thanks to @DADi and @DanYal for being so fast and responsive to my favorite games! I will pick up VIP again a little later today, even tho my games of choice don’t require- b/c I really do appreciate the effort that you all put in, especially since versions seem to be changing/getting updated faster than ever! Happy New Year! Sunat jadidat saeida! Mazeltov! Navatars kee shubhakaa mana! -Matts
  2. @DADi Hey there- can you please consider updating to 2.7.0? They have updated the app, and as usual, they cracked a few eggshells, including breaking the crack, so to speak! thanks much in advance, and Happy Holidays! -Matt
  3. Any chance you can put this in the update queue? Thanks!
  4. /rant on @Malorywise Not that it is anyone’s business, since this is a cheat in the FREE forum, but I happen to have just expired recently on my VIP status. I’m not actively playing any of the games that are “premium” cheats right now (the only other game I am playing has been requested, but no cheat made— I believe it is all server-side), so I will upgrade again the next time I have a little extra cash... why? Because I CHOOSE to, not because of a guilt trip. /rant off In the mean time, as I said before- @DanYal thank you advance— DanYal usually beats me to updates, and I really appreciate it. To anyone I just offended- I am sorry that saying Thank You in the FREE FORUM while not currently having VIP status offended anyone— but where I am from, it’s the thank you that matters, not the “status lapse”. PLEASE don’t hijack this and start a flame war. I won’t engage you, you’re wasting your time trying.
  5. Very nice... and thanks for the fast update! love the slider idea- thanks!
  6. I never tried the OHK— to be honest, I was afraid to try the high challenges with any sort of cheat— there is a HP check ( I.e. the high dragon gets off a massive hit early on, to keep lowbies from surviving), but what I think would work is a group of four that finish the high dragon with only a tiny bit of time left— regardless of any cheats used (as in, if nobody complains) and as long as everyone is playing with an appropriately maxed out character in the group— preferably with level 90+ five star/third tier weapons, I don’t think the system would care. On the other hand— if you beat it too fast, or screw up and turn on OHK— you can almost certainly expect a ban. Of course, all this assumes that the cheat gets updated! let is know how it goes if you decide to try! Damage always breaks would be another candidate for this strategy... at least in my opinion.
  7. I don’t know what the official “rules” are for update requests- in the past, @Archangel04 has just done them. Do we need to “officially” post to the requests board? Anybody know?
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