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  1. I’ve decided that the people that wrote Genshin must be idiots. But at least I figured that out before spending any money... simply logging in on a jailbroken iPad- no hack installed, or anything) got my account banned. I wonder if they have any idea how much revenue they are losing out on? They obviously have NO business sense whatsoever..I mean, it’s a SINGLE PLAYER game, for crying out loud! So... to the reason for my post... does anyone know how quickly they ban after logging in on a jailbroken iPad? I logged my alternate “Let’s reroll this once” account, and trying to figure out if I should bother playing it, or if they’ll nuke the account a couple days from now.
  2. Not that you need me to confirm, but all the features that I use are working... and I think you may be right- some were probably NOT working before, and I just couldn’t tell. Thanks again- we all really appreciate your time/efforts/work! (Not to mention, I hope you did well on your exams!)
  3. @Archangel04 Any luck making time to look into updating Dragalia to 2.3.0? If not, is it something that @Rook or one of the other specialists can look at? (Not trying to be pushy, but I can’t get my wife’s iPad to recognize the jailbreak bypass and cheat... and I am close to being kicked to the couch... whatever the deal is, the integrated jailbreak plus hack is just not playing nice on her (First generation) iPad Pro.) As always, thanks much in advance for the time and effort!
  4. @Rook Good grief, talk about fast turnaround! Seriously, I know you were probably already working on it, but thanks!
  5. Why is it that I always seem to come back to games when they have JUST released a new update that breaks our hacks??? 2.19.0 is out now, if anyone has time to update it!
  6. With 1.49 update- can log in, but crashing when trying to open just about any quest menu, etc in game. Can’t get to any combat to see if the x5 works... can you please take a look? Thanks! if it matters- tried jailbreak bypass via both FlyJB and liberty lite.
  7. I have managed to keep the semi-working 2.1.0 version running, as long as I get past the jail rep check. A bit frustrating, and definitely a pain in the... ...but beats having nothing. I had PM’d @Archangel04 about a week ago asking if there was anything we (Any of us) could do, and he said he was slammed at school w/ exams and such. (Honestly,, I told him to keep his priorities where they needed to be, on school!) At this point- the in-game news said there would be a new version (2.3.0) available on 12/21 at 9PM, with a forced update 24 hours later. If I had to guess, he may be planning to update when the new version comes out? On the up side, I finally have managed to beat4 of the 5 Agito 20K difficulti fights without any help... difficult, but fun! Now if I could just get Tartarus (purple)... @Archangel04 we miss you, man! Hope your exams/end of semester went (or is going!) well!
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