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  1. Ahaha. Doesn’t hurt trying tho ? ohh.. sad to hear that you’re no longer working for skins mod cos most of the mods out there aren’t working anymore ? but I’m hoping you could find something new on the upcoming patch ?
  2. Yup.. did as told in a first post. Oh and I'm doing this on an iOS and I think the files doesn't work or incompatible with it. But the map + drone hack version works on the iOS but gives an unknown error. Anyways.. Thanks again and hope there's a bypass solution or a drone hack for the iOS later on Btw.. any chance you're also familiar with the skin mod/hack files?
  3. After the hero selection at loading screen before entering match, A message popped saying "error loading files. Please relogin again" ? Did you get the error when you did a test? Thank you anyway tho I hope there is a solution or a bypass or anything
  4. Does it still gives an error if we only use the drone hack and not the radar/map hack? If not, can you upload only the drone view hack please? ? @ihorizonx
  5. That's right. You don't have to disable the liberty lite itself. Just untick mobile legends app in the liberty lite and you should be able to download additional resources in game again.
  6. I was hoping if you can make this compatible with x64 bit version and ios 11 please? @ZahirSher
  7. Do you happen to have a tweak called "Libertylite" installed in your device?
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