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  1. Way before, stats value editing was somehow possible with IGG but now, it gives you unkown error when you edit those values. Not sure if there's other way but it's highly unlikely tho imo
  2. Are you certain? Cos I can still play in this version just fine and didn't ask me any force update
  3. If device is Jailbroken and Liberty lite installed, go to your phone settings , liberty Lite and and check if the Mobile Legends app is tick.. if it is tick, untick it and try reopening the game.
  4. Is ur device Jailbroken? And if so, do u have liberty lite installed?
  5. The Damage features aren't working now and the author is aware and looking into fix.
  6. Only if it's a major update or patch, the game will ask you to force update from appstore. If it's just a small fixes or patch, you will sometime see a notice when you launch the game to update the game but when you tap the update, it will just download some files in game and will not take you to appstore for force update. But If the game closes or take you to appstore after tapping update, then that's the force update. There's a Non JB version of this hack as well but you'll have to upgrade your VIP to have the access tho 😅 That's why it's really important to first read the reminders in the topic but I think the major update will come around 25th or 26th cos they're ending the season early this time and along with some exciting features if i'm not mistaken.
  7. It still working perfectly Just don’t go and update the game from the App Store. better to turn off auto app update.
  8. When I launched the game, it says "security policy violation detected 34" and then forced close I thinking liberty lite JB bypass doesn't do it's thing to this game no more. @Joka
  9. Oh.. This one I can't tell you cos I've only battled up to B5 and highest at B6 in Cairos Dungeon as my monsters are still weak and my level still low and I don't wanna risk it. 😅 To be safe, It's Suggest not to go beyond B6 unless you have very strong monsters and your level is 50.
  10. My favorite game iz MLBB Apple store: US Thank u for giveaway and gud luck to all!
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