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Everything posted by StarlightPhoenix

  1. App finally installed after a few days! Sorry had many appointments lately... when it rains...
  2. Ditto here @DADi have a thread with a pending photo thumbnail in the help section. I have tried many different things to try to get it to work and download properly, yet it doesn’t.
  3. I uploaded the photo as a thumbnail because idk how else to attach it. It will not download for me. I have restarted my device and tried again, still nothing. Any help or advice????
  4. It is based on your posts in the forum. Go around the forum and make yourself known! 😃 @DADi (Helper?) For me, it was about 12 posts. (helper badge/trophy/something?) @DADi
  5. I had the same issue @Hameedbleach and so was my son @Iron_blaze477. We purchased the app+, while I haven’t had ANY issues, my son is still waiting for @DADi to send him the link to download app+. But I was having issues and NONE of my games would download, now with app+, I have all my apps back. Only issue I have is that I cannot use the app+ on my mobile, too. Being a cancer warrior, I don’t always have the capability of taking my tablet.
  6. ‘Currently using app Illuminati and this hack specifically is just for the IAP but I am either not using it right, or it isn’t working. Tried to get diamonds, did everything the iGMM said and it didn’t work.
  7. I select the “Most downloaded” and it will show all games. I select “recently upgraded’, again, all games. Grrrrr I have a screen recording but it will NOT attach grrr x2 Is this typical? I’ll try to get this video compressed or something…
  8. I second this, I am having the EXACT same issue. Stuck on level 11 because it crashes and reinstall sets me back to the last time it actually saved.
  9. Hi! I am having an issue with the Kim Kardashian Hollywood app. It will download and play fine, but as soon as I go to sleep or leave it for too long and it has to reload the app, it just crashes continually. Also, will not save my data, been level 11 for a week even though I have gotten to level 16. Using iPad Pro 3rd gen (12.3.1) NJB, downloaded from iOSGods app. @Laxus maybe you could provide any assistance? Apologies if posted in wrong area, still learning. 😊
  10. Thank you! I was given 2 years... 5 years later and I am still NED (no evidence of disease) and my oncologist has just taken one of the chemotherapy meds off!!!! Yay! The less chemo, the better. ^.^ nice to meet you!
  11. @DADi This also happens with Roller Coaster Tycoon Touch. It also says that I need a new version. Device- iPad Pro 3rd Gen
  12. Maybe for a non-jail broken device..?
  13. Thank you for the help you’ve provided. Helps newbies like me 😝
  14. This app definitely add it much easier to download for me, since I am using a non-jail broken device. Thanks!!
  15. @DADi this keeps happening for me with Kim Kardashian Hollywood. It also continues to crash after I had played all night. Is that normal?
  16. I would also love to have merge dragons, but for a non-jail broken device...
  17. This does make sense. I just hate when an app won’t work after you’ve played it all night and now you cannot download it again because of a limit. But being social with people doesn’t hurt. Lol maybe people are really THAT lazy..?
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