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  1. There’s different variants like ‘Adguard DNS ipv6’
  2. Update on current situation The creators of the dll have recently switched to the Microsoft Store version of Roblox so use the executor on the Microsoft Store variant of Roblox. Because of this, a few features have maybe been unusable, so I am pushing out a fix soon. Just be patient!
  3. Read before installing Do not use this right now. Byfron/Hyperion, (ROBLOX’s anticheat system) is currently in full gear and is now in all 32 and 64 bit Windows PC’s. If you still want to exploit, use MacOS, AndroidOS or iOS exploit as they do not have Hyperion. What will this mean for this executor? This executor will be down for an extended period of time and maybe even shut down, but there is no announcement saying it will. For now, do not use this or any other Windows executors as they will not work and will get you banned from your ROBLOX account. Where can I find working exploits? I will list names of safe executors you are able to use for the different platforms. For MacOS, you can use: - Script-Ware M (paid, 20$ (you get Script-Ware iOS with it)) - Hydrogen M (free, keyed system) For AndroidOS you can use: - Fluxus android (free with a key system, paid premium version with no keys, recommended) - Hydrogen Android (free with a key system) ^^ both do not need rooting of the android device For iOS you can use: - Script-Ware iOS (non-jailbroken and jailbroken, free with a key system and paid with no key system, 20$ (you get Script-Ware M with it)) ! I will update you with news, but for now it will be unusable !
  4. https://apps.apple.com/us/app/dnscloak-secure-dns-client/id1452162351 Here’s the link for the app.
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