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  1. Hi guys, not sure where to post this but there is a bug in crackerXI where AUv3 plugins do not work where stand alone apps do work. this is cause by AU units are as Plugins inside Example.app which dont get signed at all, meaning fake siging of AU binary is not done by CrackerXI it only does main binary . You can see after extracting the cracked app and see the modified date of Main Binary and AU Binary which is inside the Plugins folder
  2. Repo is down and has been for a long time. Why is this not fixed?
  3. Version 1.1.16 keep giving an empty app list on ios 12.4 and chimera 1.3.9. Why?
  4. For some reason my app list is always empty. Anyone know a solution?
  5. It won't work. It uses the same anti cheat as PUBG. It checks the files server side. It bans once it sees the files are modified. I already got 2 accounts banned almost instantly.
  6. Nice hacks but this gets you banned really, really fast. Tencent and activision know what's going on. I do NOT recommend this since 2 of my accounts have already been banned.
  7. This seriously needs an update for iOS 12.4. So many people have a JB now. This would be so much better than using appcake or appaddict. Really hoping this project gets an update soon.
  8. Why would you upload it on such a terrible website though? So many harmful popups! Seriously, so many garbage spam I couldn't even download the file after trying 4 times. Are you serious??
  9. Why are people posting "cool" and "thanks" when this doesn't work for the latest Jailbreak on iOS 12.4? It makes no sense.
  10. Since all the older Kstore/Linkstore/installous tweaks don't work on iOS 12.4 anymore it would be amazing if someone could make a modern, working version. Being able to download every app from the official App store for free with a tweak would be amazing. Thanks in advance.
  11. Does not work for iOS 12.4 guys. We will have to wait for an update.
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